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FordhamCircle Brings Alumni Community Online


At FordhamCircle, the University’s new online social network for alumni, Fordham graduates can link up with old college friends, make professional contacts and find new jobs and apartments.

“It’s all about connecting with people,” said Peggy Pospisil, GSE ’02, director of alumni relations. “Whether you are trying to find a friend from the past, information on alumni clubs or even employment opportunities, this is a dynamic resource, one that will play an important role in future alumni interactions and communications.”

FordhamCircle taps into the popularity of online social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. But unlike those public sites, which are designed to attract a broad base of users, FordhamCircle gives alumni a more exclusive forum for making and maintaining their connections.

The network went live in mid-January. Two weeks later, 530 alumni had joined. Some FordhamCirclers posted links to their blogs, while others put up photo albums. There was a posting in the Global Outreach group seeking alumni to volunteer for a community service project this summer in Puebla, Mexico. In the Red Sox group, a fan asked if anyone knew of a Boston-friendly bar in New York to watch his favorite team. There were also job opportunities posted, including one at Fordham and a slew at Google’s headquarters in California.

“FordhamCircle is like a one-stop shop,” said Amanda Hickey, FCLC ’03, assistant director of alumni relations. “It has everything in one place for alumni.”

For more information about FordhamCircle, visit


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