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Fordham @ Work: Francoisline Joy Freeman, FCLS ’05, GSE ’06


Photo by Gina Vergel

Senior Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

Nine years

Francoisline is responsible for interviewing and placing students in work-study positions throughout the University. She is in contact with almost every department within the University, as well as with students, parents and outside vendors.

“I enjoy dealing with students the most. It is truly amazing to listen to students articulate their issues, the things that affect them, how we, as a University, can be of better service to them and what they can do to assist in that process.”

Francoisline graduated from Katharine Gibbs Business School in 1986 as the class valedictorian. She went to work as assistant to the president of Warner Audio, a division of Warner Communications, for about a year and a half before moving to PaineWebber, where she worked for four portfolio managers. After one year, she began serving as secretary to Paul B. Guenther (FCRH ’62), the president of PaineWebber, until Guenther retired in 1995. She then worked as assistant to the founder and CEO of Blaylock & Partners, L.C., a minority-owned investment banking firm, from 1995 to 2000.

She came to Fordham in 2001 to complete her undergraduate degree and, after that, earned a master of science degree in human resource education from the Graduate School of Education.

“I chose Fordham for many reasons. Paul Guenther was a Fordham trustee board member when I worked with him. This made me familiar with the school and its stellar reputation. I was also encouraged to attend the University by Diane Guenther, Paul’s wife and a great advocate for Fordham. Working at Fordham is like being part of a family—someone is always around to offer support. I love knowing that my colleagues are always there if and when I need them—those I work with directly and those I’m associated with through various aspects of my job.”

“I love getting involved in my community. This includes being on the Fordham University Association’s executive board. FUA has been—and continues to be—a wonderful experience. At every event, I meet new colleagues or someone I have been speaking to for years but never met personally.”

“I joined Fordham Kiwanis eight years ago and was president from 2008 to 2010. Currently, I am the division secretary to the Kiwanis Bronx-Westchester South Division, an entity made up of 12 Kiwanis clubs. Our group assists children and other worthy organizations in the community. We also sponsor Fordham students in Circle K who help the senior residents of the Rose Hill Apartments.”

“I love reading, dancing, basketball and netball. In fact, I played on the official netball team of Saint Lucia, my birth island, and was the youngest player to make the team. Netball is to Europe what basketball is to North America. It is a sport played mostly by women. It uses a court similar to a basketball court in size, but with a smaller ball and a smaller shooting rim without a backboard.”


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