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Fordham @ Work : Brianne Laurin


Brianne Laurin

Brianne Laurin Photo by Janet Sassi

Brianne Laurin
Photo by Janet Sassi

Who She Is

Homecoming and Reunions Coordinator, Office of Alumni Relations.

Time At Fordham

Four years.

What She Does

Brianne coordinates and oversees Jubilee Reunion, Fordham College at Lincoln Center Reunion, Homecoming, and other alumni events for the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. She works closely with facilities, hospitality services, and security in bringing these events together.


After attending the University of Montana for her undergraduate degree, Brianne moved to New York in 2008, where she worked in the systems department at Fordham. In 2010, she started working in Fordham’s Office of Alumni Relations as Jubilee and Homecoming coordinator.


“For Jubilee, we start setting up on Saturday before the first week of June, first by bringing in the tents. Our team is in constant communication with one another. It’s minute-by-minute: drop off programs, check on individual events, check in attendees, prepare gift bags, keep in touch with EMS and nurses on hand—every little detail is on here.”

Pick Your Instrument

“On my team of six, each of us each handles a different task. One works with inventory, which involves class lists, signs, tape, sign-up sheets, and all those little things. Another is in charge of 70-80 students that help out during the weekend. Someone else assists with the registration processes. It also takes a whole team of facilities, security, grounds, and catering to put it all together. I may be the coordinator, but I just orchestrate it. Everyone knows how to play his or her instrument, and the whole university comes together to pull it off.”

High In Attendance, High In Spirits

“Throughout Jubilee weekend, we average anywhere between 1,400 to 1,600 attendees. My biggest goal is not just to increase attendance, but also to make all of the events memorable and special. I want to do everything that I can to make alumni feel happy about coming back home—whether to Rose Hill or Lincoln Center.”


The Golden Rams

“When you reach your 50th year as an alumnus, you become a Golden Ram. During Jubilee weekend, there is a dinner for these special guests, where we celebrate with the different classes. It’s great because they have such history, and you get to hear some fascinating stories. New York was such a different experience when the Golden Rams went to Fordham—it’s interesting to see, through the eyes of the older alumni, how the city has changed through the years.”

Homecoming For All

“Homecoming is also a fun event, and we want to incorporate more student involvement. Underage students who can’t be under the [beer]tent are left out—I want to make it less of a ‘tent’ event and more of a campus-wide event.

Cura Personalis For One Community

“Our ultimate goal for these events is to engage our alumni and build more lasting memories. We also want them to participate; we want them to become donors, to give back and help cultivate the education that they got as students, for our future students. When you begin at Fordham, you’re ingrained with cura personalis. Alumni can still foster that.”

A Different Taste

Laurin, who grew up doing outdoor activites such as waterskiing, boating, hiking, camping, and fishing, calls herself a “total foodie” here in New York City. “I love exploring new places, finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and admiring the cultivation of wine.”

— Angie Chen


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