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Fordham Students Participate in ABC News Election Coverage


Six Fordham students were featured on ABC News NOW’s coverage of the 2008 election season.

The six were selected from several who submitted videos to ABC News NOW’s Campus College Project, which encourages student participation in the electoral process. The students were given 12 general questions on key national issues to be considered between now and November’s presidential election. Their on-camera responses are called “Talk Back” videos.

These videos were used throughout the channel’s evening coverage of the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 and the New Hampshire primary elections on Jan. 8. ABC News NOW aired the questions, and had experts respond to them, live.

Fordham was one of only 12 schools from around the country chosen for this year’s Project.

ABC News NOW, ABC News’s 24-hour digital network, delivers live breaking news with headlines every half-hour, and offers a wide range of live, original and video-on-demand programming. It is available to 34 million users.


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