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Fordham Media Mentions: May 12, 2017


College Choice Releases 2017 Ranking of the Best Master’s in Social Work 05-09-17
The complete rankings, alphabetically listed, are as follows: Fordham University


How to Stop the Next Google Docs Freakout
Fortune 05-06-17
PS Good news: After publishing this, several people reached out to say there are some programs out there — including this one at Fordham University—which aims to teach middle school kids about online safety and privacy.

Best Colleges in New York Announced by for 2017 05-08-17
The Best Four-Year Colleges in New York for 2017 include: Fordham University

Community School 92 Supports Future Scholars and Academic Researchers
C.S. 92 News 05-08-17
CS92 Assistant Principal, Dr. Jacek Polubiec collaborated with doctoral students/researchers from Fordham University, to show a group of 5th grade students the importance of academic research and discuss career opportunities in the field of psychology, guidance and educational leadership.
Link available upon request

To Fight Human Trafficking, The Budget Must Protect Homeless Kids
Huffington Post 05-09-17
In a similar study conducted in New York City with Fordham University, 48 percent of the young people interviewed said they would not have engaged in commercial sexual activity if they’d had a safe place to stay.


ABA to co-host ‘The First 50 Years of the 25th Amendment’ anniversary program on May 10 05-09-17
The event is co-sponsored by Fordham University School of Law and the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Aaron Hernandez Is Not Guilty Anymore After Suicide— Here’s the Legal ‘Hypocrisy’ Behind It
Independent Journal Review 05-09-17
A 2007 Fordham Law Review stated: Since the conviction no longer exists, it cannot be used in a civil suit related to the criminal activity.


College Choice Releases 2017 Ranking of the Best Master’s in Social Work 05-09-17
The complete rankings, alphabetically listed, are as follows: Fordham University


Trump’s immigration travel ban faces familiar foe in appeals courts: Trump
US Today 05-07-17
Thomas Lee, an international law professor at Fordham University School of Law, says the second executive order stands a better chance of being upheld but remains burdened by the earlier anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Arkansas carries out last execution before drug expires 05-08-17
Deborah Denno of Fordham University says the accelerated schedule adopted by Arkansas to put to death eight inmates in 11 days increased the risk of problems.

Appeals court to review Trump’s revised travel order 05-08-17
The Constitution does not usually apply to non-U.S. citizens on foreign soil. But a professor of immigration law at Fordham University Law School told Forbes that the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause does apply to the federal government.

Ivanka Trump’s line secretly relabeled as Adrienne Vittadini 05-08-17
Susan Scafidi, professor of fashion law at Fordham Law School and founder of the Fashion Law Institute noted that even if the relabeling is legal, there are still questions about the ethics of the switch.

Are There Any Solutions to the Gun Violence Problem In the Black Community?
Atlanta Black Star 05-10-17
“The truth of the matter is that we just don’t know what is behind the gun violence,” Nicholas Johnson, professor of law at the Fordham University’s School of Law, stated.

James Comey’s Firing Just Got More Disturbing
Fortune 05-10-17
By Andrew Kent

Comey firing stirs memories of Nixon and Watergate
AFP via Daily Mail 05-10-17
“In both, an angry and besieged president acted to remove an independent figure who was aggressively investigating people in the president’s inner circle,” Andrew Kent, a law professor at Fordham University in New York, told AFP.

Historians Hear Echoes of Watergate ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ in Comey’s Firing 05-10-17
“At this point, abuse of power and obstruction of justice are the main issues, and it’s important to point that each one raises many other, subsidiary issues,” Karen Greenberg said.

Sentencing set for Long Island al Qaida suspect
Newsday 05-11-17
Karen Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, says that Vinas’ story appears to have much in common with a later generation of young “wannabe” terror defendants attracted to the Islamic State who never leave the U.S.


What you need to know about the healthcare bill as it heads to the Senate 05-09-17
Rolling back Medicaid expansion will hurt people who obtained coverage under the ACA because of that expansion, said Falguni Sen, director of the Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center at Fordham University.

Out with rote in spelling instruction
Westchester County Business Journal Vol. 53, No. 16
By Molly Ness

No Annual Fee Credit Cards 05-09-17
Hooman Estelami, Professor of Marketing in the Fordham Schools of Business at Fordham University: Research suggests that consumers generally do not evaluate all aspects of credit cards in manners consistent with rational thinking.


This Beautiful 63-Year Old Professor Accidentally Became A Fashion Icon And I’m Here For It
BuzzFeed 05-09-17
This is Lyn Slater, a 63-year-old Associate Professor of Social Work at Fordham University and a style blogger who absolutely slays every single edgy, elegant, inventive, or modish style she rocks.


‘Sacred’ Is a Film About Religious Ritual That Is a Feast for the Eyes
Vice 05-05-17
Sacred, which opens in New York City today, began with a mandate to Lennon from outgoing [Director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy, and Education at Fordham University] William Baker to make an unconventionally produced film about religions all over the world.


Is Emotional Sensitivity a Real Condition?
The Independent 05-05-17
But Rachel Annunziato, an associate professor of psychology at Fordham University, stresses that HSP is not a clinically-diagnosable condition: “In general, it seems like such theories capture our attention when they seem to explain our personalities. It’s a bit like when I read descriptions of a Gemini and think ‘Wow, yes, that’s right on!’”

Experts: Arsonists find power in scaring others
The Ledger 05-05-17
People drawn to arson are likely to have antisocial personality disorder, said Rachel Annunziato, an associate professor of psychology at Fordham University in New York.

Soda, Chips, and HIV Test Kits? The Latest Vending Machine Options 05-04-17
According to Celia Fisher, PhD, who directs the HIV/Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute at Fordham University in New York, “[We] have found that persons with substance abuse problems from various ethnic/racial communities in the US and sex workers in other countries often resist HIV testing in a healthcare setting for fear they will test positive and will face discrimination, violence, criminal procedures, or loss of employment if their HIV status becomes known.”

Remembering LA 25 years later
New York Amsterdam News 05-05-17
Christina Greer, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Fordham University, the author of “Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream” and the host of The Aftermath on

NYC Council Speaker Slams Charter School CEO for Inviting Paul Ryan to Visit 05-08-17
Mark-Viverito said she wanted to update the audience with a “quick aside” before answering a question from the moderator, Fordham University Professor Christina Greer.

Road to City Hall 5/10/17
NY1 05-10-17
Josh Robin spoke with Fordham University Professor Christina Greer and former Trump aide Sam Nunberg about the fallout over the President’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

How City Officials Are Spinning Crime Stats In Their Favor 05-10-17
Downplaying deadly events like homicides and shootings can cut at the bond between police and the community, said Christina Greer, a political science professor at Fordham University.

Linda Sarsour is a friend to Jews
NY Daily News 05-07-17
Ellman is an adjunct professor of religion at Fordham University and with the Bard Prison Initiative.

A Tenure Track for Teachers?
The Chronicle of Higher Education 05-07-17
Leonard Cassuto, a professor of English at Fordham University, writes regularly about graduate education in this space.

How TV has trivialized our culture and politics
Vox 05-08-17
To get some answers to these and other questions, I reached out to Lance Strate, a professor of communications at Fordham University and perhaps the leading media ecologist in the country.

Bishop to radical LGBT conference: Morality is about ‘dignity,’ not ‘rules’ 05-09-17
The speakers included Fr. Bryan Massingale, who teaches moral theology at Fordham University in New York and is a priest for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, where he was at one point spiritual director of seminarians.

Conference Showed How Field Is Building on Progress in Youth-Serving Field 05-10-17
In the session “Advances in Trauma-Informed Approaches Across Systems of Care,” Keith Cruise, associate professor of psychology at Fordham University, shared that approximately 90 percent of detained youth have a history of exposure to at least one potentially traumatic event and as many as 50 percent in juvenile delinquent samples experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fordham Biologists Awarded for Helping Patients Overcome Rare Genetic Disease 05-09-17
Cures Within Reach, the leading global nonprofit focused on repurposing research as a fast track to saving patient lives, will honor Drs. Berish Rubin and Sylvia Anderson, of Fordham University, at the 5th Annual Global Health Repurposing Awards (GHRA).

Fordham Biologists Awarded for Helping Patients Overcome Rare Genetic Disease 05-09-17
Cures Within Reach, the leading global nonprofit focused on repurposing research as a fast track to saving patient lives, will honor Drs. Berish Rubin and Sylvia Anderson, of Fordham University, at the 5th Annual Global Health Repurposing Awards (GHRA).

Media rides ‘Trump Bump’ to reach viewers, readers
Reuters 04-20-17
Paul Levinson, Fordham University professor of communications and media studies, saying (English): “In Trump world, if the news or the question is unwelcome, it’s fake.

New 332 area code arriving in Manhattan to little fanfare
am New York 05-10-17
Paul Levinson, a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University, who has a Westchester County 914 area code, said smartphones have become so intrinsically entwined with their owners that other considerations matter more than geography.

Will Trumpism End the Republican Party?
Dame Magazine 05-10-17
Monika McDermott, a PhD, professor of political science at Fordham University, says that if the overarching narrative around Trumpcare “becomes about millions of American losing health care … Republicans will suffer losses in whatever election comes after things start to shake out.”


Connecticut Looks To Protect High School Pitchers From Overuse
WNPR 05-02-17
[Mike] Cowell, now a red-shirt freshman who pitches for Fordham University, underwent surgery on his elbow shortly after graduating in 2015.

A10 Talk Coach Countdown: #12 Jeff Neubauer 05-09-17
Today, we feature #12 Jeff Neubauer.

Female Athlete of the Week: Makenzie McGrath, NV/Demarest 05-09-17
[Makenzie] McGrath has committed to Fordham University on a softball scholarship.

High school notebook: Foran’s Huber to New Haven 05-10-17
Lauralton Hall student Kathryn Kelly of Stratford accepted a Division 1 scholarship to Fordham University at an official signing ceremony on May 8.


GEM Recommends: 5 Reasons To See Amelie on Broadway! 05-04-17
“The designers – sets, lights, costumes, sound, and projections – collaborated really well together. No design outshone the other; they all truly worked together to create this fantastic, whimsical world of joy.”- Alesha Kilayko, a theater design major at Fordham University

Young entrepreneur takes over family business
The Rye City Review 05-04-17
[Meral Kathwari] said she also plans to go to Fordham University’s one-year public media program in the fall.

Why GOP College Women Resent How Democrats View Female Voters 05-05-17
“The Republican Party very explicitly speaks to many of my concerns as a young woman,” Fordham University student Dominique Marino tells Bustle.

J.R. Martinez recalls the military Humvee accident that left him badly burned 05-09-17
He is now studying psychology at Fordham University.

Hundreds Of Nonprofits At Risk Of Having Their Tax Debt Sold—Even Though Many Should Likely Be Tax Exempt
Gothamist 05-09-17
Nonprofit administrators have been individually working out resolutions with the Department of Finance since then, often at the prodding of volunteering Fordham Law School students who have been going down the list and trying to contact each organization.

Miranda Lupion’s Presentation on the Weaponization of Digital Russian-Language News Wins Council’s Student Research Conference 05-10-17
[Student] Margaret Sanford, Fordham University, “Inclusion and Formation at Sites of Conscience: Working Towards a National Memory of Slavery in the United States.”


Securian Advisors of New England Opens in Greater Boston 05-05-17
A four-year football letter winner, [Brian S] Falconer graduated from Fordham University in New York in 1999 with a B.S. in Finance & Economics.

Walden Macht & Haran LLP Names Milton L. Williams As Partner 05-08-17
[Rachel A.] Brook received a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, where she served as an editor and competitor on the Fordham Moot Court Board and a staff member on the Fordham Urban Law Journal.

Three African American Scholars Appointed to Dean Positions 05-09-17
[Byron P. McCrae] holds a master’s degree in higher education from Syracuse University in New York and an educational doctorate from Fordham University.

MLB History: Steve Bellan Becomes First Hispanic Player 05-09-17
Steve Bellan was known for his play at Fordham University and during the days of amateur baseball.


Msgr. Joseph Anthony Mancuso, 77, Of Kansas City, MO, parish priest
Msgr. Joseph Anthony Mancuso: ‘A Priest From Beginning To End’ 05-08-17
He received a Master of Science degree in Religious Education from Fordham University in 1970.

Gerard Murphy, 85, Of Summit, NJ, educator
A graduate of St. Peter’s Preparatory School in Jersey City, Jerry went on to receive his B.A. from Fordham University, M.A. from Seton Hall University and Ed.D. from New York University as a Founders Scholar and was also an IDEA Fellow at the Sloan Kettering Institute.

Father John F. Waldron, 84, Of Frankfort, NY, pastor
Father John F. Waldron 05-04-17
Following his ordination, he was assigned as an assistant to Sacred Heart parish in Albany, and then furthered his studies at Fordham University.


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