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Fordham at Work: Alice Wong


atwork14WHO SHE IS
Associate Director of Public Programming and CLE, Fordham School of Law

Two years

Alice collaborates on financial administration, programming and continuing legal education (CLE) curriculum, including the Fordham Competition Law Institute (FCLI); Intellectual Property (IP) Law and Policy Conference; Natural Law Colloquium; and Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation.

A Tennessee native, she earned a bachelor’s degree in international business/computer science from Maryville College in conjunction with the University of Tennessee. She received her GC in communications from New York University. Prior to working at Fordham, she was with Tiffany & Co.

“I came to Fordham because I was looking for career advancement. What I found here—and what’s most special to me—are my colleagues across all departments and institutes. It’s a huge benefit when you work with people you respect, and it’s a real joy to work with the people here.”

“The law school’s IP Conference was outside of New York for the first time last year. In holding the 2009 IP Conference in Cambridge, U.K., we had two related goals: first, to accommodate Europeans who might not have been able to come to New York and, second, to interest Europeans who might not have heard about the conference.”

“Our annual FCLI Summer Training Programs typically attract people from many countries, which is one of the real perks. I learn so much about the people and their cultures. In 2009, members of the Fair Trading Commission of Barbados were so impressed that they arranged for us to recreate the training program there. It was a five-day program—but turned out to be a 10-day trip.”

Alice has volunteered for many years with OneBrick, a nonprofit organization that supplies other nonprofit organizations with volunteers. They provide assistance at events—anything from soup kitchens to fundraising galas, from benefit walks to children’s fairs. In addition, she is an avid scuba diver and loves to cook as well as travel.


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