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Thank-A-Thon Comes to Campus

The season for giving thanks is already upon us. Each year, staff from 
Fordham’s donor relations office fan out across the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses and ask students to write short thank you notes to Fordham Fund donors who give annually.

It’s a surprisingly easy request, as most of the students quickly pick up a pen and start writing.

Hannah Murphy, a Fordham College at Lincoln Center sophomore and native Californian, said that her scholarship allowed her to live on the East Coast.

“The scholarships make it possible for students from all over the country to attend, not just the ones from the New York area,” she said.

thanks-fbSophomore Aizi Arif said he was about to enlist in the military when his scholarship came through.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that,” he said.

His fellow classmate Aohaib Kahn had a similar experience. He already made a deposit at a New York City public college when his scholarship arrived.

“Looking at my financial aid package compared to other private universities, it’s pretty high,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity.”

Nearby, Nicole Drepole, also a sophomore, was just finishing up a thank you note. When asked about her scholarship, she said she didn’t get one. She said she went to Catholic schools all her life and Fordham was at the top of her list because the University shares her values. She was writing a note because the scholarships reflect that.

“I remember a couple of weeks, or even months before I got accepted, my family would sit and pray with me so I could just get in, it was honestly just a dream to go to this school. I had been going to Catholic schools my whole life and it creates this kind of family. I wanted to go to a school that cares for their students like this.”



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