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FCRH Freshmen Feted for Mid-Year Progress

Photo by Ken Levinson

Photo by Ken Levinson

They are only halfway through their freshman year, but the brightest members of Fordham College at Rose Hill’s class of 2013 are well on their way to “setting the college on fire.”

That was the message Interim Dean Michael Latham delivered to roughly 140 students on Feb. 3 in O’Hare Hall. The Academic Achievement Reception honored freshmen who earned a 3.6 GPA or higher in their first semester at Fordham.

The student guests heard from members of the University faculty and administration, who encouraged them to further develop their talents and skills at the University.

They included: Robert Parmach, Ph.D., dean of freshmen; John Buckley, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment; Elizabeth Brown, Fulbright fellowship coordinator for the St. Edmund Campion Institute for the Advancement of Intellectual Excellence; J. Patrick Hornbeck, Ph.D., assistant professor of theology; Glen Hendler, Ph.D., director of the American studies program; and Greg Winczewski, Ph.D., director of the IPED major for undergraduates.

“We’re very grateful. We accepted you to Fordham because of your terrific credentials, and now you’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you truly belong here,” Dean Latham said. “We want to thank you for making us look good.”


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