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At Work with Esther Morgan


What She Does:
Executive Secretary in the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics

How she came to Fordham:
“I started at Fordham in 1979. I’m originally from Castle Hill, in the Bronx, and Fordham always appeared to me to be a great place, and one day while I was working at Harlem Hospital Alcoholism Treatment Program, as a clerk typist, a colleague shared with me that she went to school and got her degree at Columbia because she worked there.

One step backward, two steps forward:
Although she was living in Kingsbridge in the Bronx at the time, Morgan’s first job was at the Lincoln Center campus as an area secretary in the Graduate School of Social Services (GSS). She worked with the school’s doctoral program, but took a pay cut to take a position in Development because she wanted to learn computer skills.

“People thought I was crazy for doing that. But sometimes you have to go back before you can move forward. That was my thought. After working there a few months, I got promoted.”

Her new skills enabled her to join the then-brand-new computer and information science department at the Rose Hill campus. In 1989, she moved over to the physics department, where she works today.

Why she’s stayed:
“The people here are very nice, very thoughtful, and understanding. I was a single parent, so there were times when I needed to do things with my kids—go to the doctor, for example—and they were very understanding. It was tough sometimes.”

All in the Family
Morgan earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1995 from the College of Professional Studies, and a master’s degree in social work in 2003 from GSS.  Her daughter, Alyson Weaver, got a bachelor’s degree from Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) in 2005 and a master’s degree in social work from GSS in 2013, and her daughter, Julia Joachim, earned a bachelor’s degree from FCRH in 2009 and master’s degrees in social work from GSS in 2012.

Putting a degree to work
For the past six years, Morgan has been doing per-diem work as a social worker at a community center after-school program in Stamford, Connecticut, providing counseling services for children from ages 6 to 18.

“The results of these sessions have been most positive for me as a social worker and also for the children and their parents. I’ve seen some of these kids grow up, and I just can’t believe how much they have changed; some of them are now in middle school, and have gone on to high school. I find it really rewarding.”

What she does to relax:
“I enjoy traveling, reading, and attend Zumba classes every weekend.  Since my children are older, I am actually able to do things for myself.  Recently I traveled to Panama City, Florida with friends. Another enjoyment of mine is reading the Bible.  I read the Old and the New Testament, and I believe that, without God, I would not have been able to accomplish all of these things. I helped start a prayer group here on campus in 2007 called The Amazing Men and Women of Grace. It ran until 2012, and it’s something I’d like to start again.”

Morgan is also on the executive committee of the Fordham University Association.
“I want to give back to the University because I’ve been really blessed working here. My kids benefitted from going to all the Christmas parties and other events they had here. They grew up here, so I decided to join so I could give back.”


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