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Photo Essay: ASILI Fashion Show


In celebration of Black History Month, ASILI, the black student alliance at Fordham, held a fashion show in McGinley Center at the Rose Hill campus on Feb. 23.

According to ASILI president Amirah Brown, a Fordham College at Rose Hill senior, the show aimed to highlight fashions representing the African diaspora.

“For Black History Month, we usually do a set of events to showcase pride within the Fordham community,” she said.

The fashion show featured clothing from Blipstar, JackRabbit, and BRWN, which were created by Fordham students and alumni. Models from all backgrounds also sported colorful dashikis by the Afrocentric, Brooklyn-based company Noni, and streetwear by TMS.

“We feel that showcasing clothing is the best way to represent the culture,” said Brown.


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