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Statement on Violence and Intimidation in Nicaragua


Fordham University condemns in the strongest possible terms the government of Nicaragua’s disproportionate use of force against its citizens, including peaceful protesters; the arbitrary detention of protesters; and the purported use of torture and extrajudicial killings. Equally abhorrent are the government’s threats of violence to intimidate leaders such as Jose Alberto Idiaquez, S.J., rector of  the University of Central America (UCA), who advocate for peaceful negotiation.

As a Jesuit institution, UCA’s mission is to educate the whole person: in addition to a rigorous academic experience, our high schools, colleges, and universities encourage our students’ commitment to a just, humane, and environmentally sustainable world. That UCA students should be at risk for acting within their constitutional rights—including peaceful protests—is both unworthy of a democracy, and counter to the spirit of engagement we expect from our students and alumni.

Fordham University stands with the students, faculty, and staff of UCA, and with the citizens of Nicaragua, in seeking a just and equitable resolution to the civil conflict in Nicaragua, and a restoration of democratic norms in that country.

Joseph M. McShane, S.J.


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