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President Tetlow Speaks to ABC News on Affirmative Action


President Tetlow spoke with ABC News regarding race-based college admissions ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court’s consideration of affirmative action.

“When we have groups missing [from campus], we know we’re missing some of our best and brightest… [diversity]is something our own students demand, but also is such a big part of their education.
“There’s something very particular about growing up in this country, dealing with the ways that you were underestimated, the educational opportunities you were denied—when a student comes to us having overcome all of that, and succeeding in a way that means they belong at Fordham, we’re even more eager for them to be here. And the idea that we’re supposed to ignore that, I just don’t understand.”
Tania Tetlow, President
Fordham University

Her interview, along with that of brothers German and Yariel Ortega—who are students at Fordham and Baruch College, CUNY, respectively—and David Wu, Baruch’s president, can be viewed here.



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