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People Notes: November 2020


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Westenley Alcenat, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, assistant professor of history, published an essay with the Center for Humans and Nature, “First as Tragedy, Then as  _____,” on Oct. 26. It explains how the history of epidemics in the United States is intertwined with the history of violence and economic insecurity—and what we can do to disrupt that pattern.

Vassilios Fessatidis, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, professor of physics, and Girija Dubey, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, adjunct professor of physics, published a paper titled “Lattice thermal conductivity of pure and doped (B, N) Graphene” in Materials Research Express on Sept. 4.

Brent Horton, GABELLI, associate professor of law and ethics, was part of a panel discussion on Oct. 28 organized by The Council of Institutional Investors, titled “Primary Direct Listings: Implications for Investors and Corporate Governance.”

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, professor in the department of communication and media studies, was the subject of a book published in China devoted entirely to his work. The book was written by Cheng Gong, and the title translates to English as “Media Competition for Human Selection, Survival of the Fittest: Paul Levinson’s Media Evolutionary Theory.”

Antoine Lovell, GSS, adjunct professor of social policy, was featured in an ABC O&O’s five-part docuseries, Our America: Living While Black, which followed the experiences of Black families across America.

Robert J. Penella, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, emeritus professor of classics, recently published an article titled “A (Now) Illustrated Himerius: Greek Sophistic Meets Modern Art in the Work of Albert Adabody” in the electronic classics magazine In Medias Res. His paper “John  Quincy Adams and the Ancient Classics, 1794-1817,” was read for him in September at the New York City conference “America and the Classical Past: Trends in Greco-Roman Reception,” cosponsored by Fordham and City University of New York.

Shannon Waite, GSS, clinical assistant professor in the Division of Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy, received a Collabo Grant from Educational Leaders of Color (EdLoc) for her project Developing Critical Consciousness in Educational Leaders. The funds will be used to support a professional development series for the Achievement First Amistad faculty and staff, focusing on developing critical consciousness and anti-racist pedagogies.


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