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People Notes: July/August 2018


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Olivia Bradley-Willemann, ADMINISTRATION, IT liaison to the psychology department, co-authored a chapter, “Educational Technology for International Psychology,” in Visions and Resources for International Psychology (Global Scholarly Publications).

Anthony P. Cavanna, Ed.D., GSE, associate dean for academic affairs, published the article “Leadership to Educate All Students” in the May 2018 issue of The New York Academy of Public Education Research Journal.

Carole B. Cox, Ph.D., GSS, professor, was the keynote speaker at “Visualizing Aging in the SDGs” a conference sponsored by HelpAge India and the Guild for Service, India, held in New Delhi in May.

Kimberly E. Diamond, SCHOOL OF LAW, adjunct professor of energy law, had a large excerpt from one of her law review articles on wind rights, wind ownership, and wind energy law featured in Renewable Energy: Law, Policy and Practicethe first casebook to focus entirely on renewable energy law.

Isaie Dougnon, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, assistant professor of French and humanitarian affairs, received a fellowship with the Nantes Institute for advanced studies in France.

Celia B. Fisher, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, Marie Ward Doty Professor of Psychology and director of the Fordham Center for Ethics Education, published “Free Testing and PrEP without Outing Myself to Parents: Motivation to participate in oral and injectable PrEP clinical trials among adolescent men who have sex with men” in the journal PLOS ONE.

David Glenwick, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, professor of psychology, received the Distinguished Service Award from the New York State Psychological Association and the Wilhelm Wundt Award for outstanding contributions in teaching and research from the Academic Division of the New York State Psychological Association.

Sandra C. Guerra, GSS, program administrator for the Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders, graduated from the Executive MBA program at the Gabelli School of Business in May 2018.

Kei Kobayashi, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, assistant professor of mathematics, is the co-author of Beyond the Triangle: Brownian Motion, Ito Calculus, and Fokker-Planck Equation—Fractional Generalizations (World Scientific, April 2018).

James R. Lothian, Ph.D., GABELLI, distinguished professor of finance, Topetta Family Chair in Global Financial Markets, had a UK launch for his book, Essays in International Money and Finance, at the Cass Business School of the City University of London in May. Also, his article “How Friedman and Schwartz Became Monetarists,” which he coauthored with George S. Tavlas, is published in the June issue of the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

Elizabeth Leisy Stosich, Ed.D., GSE, assistant professor, published the article “Engaging diverse stakeholders to strengthen policy” in Phi Delta Kappan.

Dean McKay, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, professor of psychology, is the co-author of “Politically focused intrusive thoughts and associated ritualistic behavior in a community sample,” published in Journal of Anxiety Disorders.

Richard D. McMillan, PCS, adjunct professor in the Real Estate Institute, published 101 More Cool Buildings (CreateSpace, April 2018).

Giorgio Pini, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, professor of philosophy, was awarded a Solmesen fellowship at the Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for the upcoming academic year to work on a project called “Investigations into Duns Scotus’s Metaphysics.”

Lance Strate, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, communications professor, received the 2018 Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book at the 19th Annual Media Ecology Association Convention at the University of Maine for his book Media Ecology: An Approach to Understanding the Human Condition.

Kristen Treglia, ADMINISTRATION, senior instructional technologist, co-authored a chapter, “Educational Technology for International Psychology,” in Visions and Resources for International Psychology (Global Scholarly Publications).

Stanley Veliotis, Ph.D., GABELLI, associate professor, accounting and taxation, returned May 26 from a week in Zurich with his class of twenty juniors and sophomores. He was accompanied by Hanaa Fawzy, assistant dean of global initiatives and partnerships at the Gabelli School of Business, and alumnus Chris Hogan, FCRH ’95, partner at KPMG Switzerland.

Nancy Wackstein, GSS, director of community engagement and partnerships at the Graduate School of Social Service, was asked to join the judges panel for the Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Brook Prize for Social Justice.

Shannon Waite, Ed.D., GSE, clinical assistant professor, division of Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy, was invited by the United Nations African Mothers Association to be the keynote speaker at an annual event they host honoring the Day of the African Child. She was also the 2018 graduation keynote speaker at the Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy, a public high school.

Keri Walsh, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, associate professor, has been named one of the 2018 Academy Film Scholars by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Matthew N. Weinshenker, ARTS AND SCIENCES, associate professor of sociology, had his article “Shift Work, Father Engagement, and the Cognitive Development of Young Children” published in Community, Work & Family.

Elizabeth Yuko, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES, program administrator, Fordham HIV and Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Training Institute, and senior editor of the Ethics and Society Blog, wrote a chapter in PERIOD: 12 Voices Tell the Bloody Truth (Macmillan, May 2018).

Lauren I. Zucker, Ph. D., GSE, adjunct professor, recently published “Shifting the Power to Create a More Student-Centered Classroom” in English Journal, “Mindful ELA: Lessons from a Grassroots Wellness Initiative,” in English Leadership Quarterly, and “An Imaginary Party Sparks Academic Conversations,” in New Jersey English Journal.

Akane Zusho, Ph.D., GSE, associate professor of educational psychology, guest edited a special issue of Education Psychologist.


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