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Twin Perspectives


Maria (above, left) and Arianna Mirones are from Staten Island, the southernmost borough of New York City. Though they’re only freshmen, these twin sisters are already making their mark.

What was your first impression of your campus?
Maria (Rose Hill):
 I originally wanted to go to Lincoln Center, but I ended up loving Rose Hill. I like that Fordham is one school with two campuses.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): I knew I wanted to be in the city. I liked that Lincoln Center is in Manhattan but has a plaza in the middle so we’re all connected.

What’s your favorite thing about your sister’s campus?
Maria (Rose Hill): Obviously my sister is at Lincoln Center, so I love it for that. I take the Ram Van down, and then we just hop on the subway and go wherever we need to go.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): The cafeteria. They have smoothies that we don’t have here.

What’s your major? 
Maria (Rose Hill): I actually just recently decided I want to do a communications major with a business minor.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): I’m really not sure, but hopefully by next year I’ll have it figured out. When I applied I thought communications, but I’m still undecided.

What’s your favorite class so far?
Maria (Rose Hill): The Texts and Contexts class I’m taking right now: Women in Early Modern Drama, with Professor Boyda Johnstone.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): Fundamentals of Communication and Media Studies, with Professor Kevin Gotkin. He made the class really interesting.

Are you in any clubs on campus?
Maria (Rose Hill): 
I’m Greek, so I’m part of Hellenic Society, which is the Greek club. We recently had Greek Night, so my sister and I got to dance in that.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): FLASH magazine combines my love of media and fashion. I’m also in Hellenic Society. And I really want to go on a Global Outreach project.

What has your most rewarding experience been during your first year?
Maria (Rose Hill): Definitely Greek Night; it was so much fun.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): Living on my own and having to do things for myself, like buying food and doing laundry.

What’s your favorite thing to do on your days off? 
Maria (Rose Hill): I would say sleep, but I feel like Arianna would say that. Other than that, watch Netflix
Arianna (Lincoln Center):

What’s the most touristy thing you’ve done in New York?
Maria (Rose Hill): Broadway. My favorite show right now is Dear Evan Hansen.
Arianna (Lincoln Center): Probably going to Top of the Rock or to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

—Emily Mendez


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