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Student to Student: Tappin’ Thru Life with Devin Ruth

Devin Ruth is tappin’ from an off-Broadway stage onto Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus.

A tap dancer and performer by night and a Wyckoff, New Jersey, high school senior by day, Ruth performed in Maurice Hines’ off-Broadway show Tappin’ Thru Life, which closed at the end of February, This fall, she’ll be heading to Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), where she was admitted as an early decision applicant.

tappinnplaybill_magonlineKatina Smith, an FCLC freshman, chatted with Ruth during the show’s run.

What’s it like dancing in a professional show?

It’s truly a dream come true. My sister, Julia, and I have been dancing throughout our entire childhood. Growing up, we idolized both Gregory and Maurice Hines, so it’s surreal to be dancing alongside Maurice.

How do you juggle your studies with your performance schedule?

My school has been incredibly supportive throughout this process, and many of my teachers have come to watch me perform. For matinee shows, my parents have picked up my sister and me from school and driven us into the city. I’m not saying it’s easy to juggle all of my shows with schoolwork, but it is all getting done.

Why Fordham?

I have been coming into the city all my life and I knew that I wanted to attend college in New York. After touring numerous schools, and after many reassuring visits, I started to see myself on Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. Once I decided Fordham was for me, I wanted to get in more than anything, so I applied early decision.

Do you know what you want to study?

I’m currently undecided. Part of the reason I was drawn to Fordham is because of its core curriculum. I look forward to the opportunity to explore different options and find out what my interests are. Dance is my main passion, but as much as I am enjoying this experience, I hope to pursue a different career path.

What excites you most about moving to Manhattan?

New York City is my favorite place in the world. I can’t wait for the opportunity to wake up every day and just be there. Everything I can imagine is in New York, and Fordham offers everything I could possibly want.

Interview conducted and condensed by Katina Smith


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