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Mike Walczewski’s Top Five Moments at Madison Square Garden

Longtime New York Knicks public address announcer Mike Walczewski, FCRH ’77, ranks his favorite moments behind the mic at Madison Square Garden.

5. Mike Krzyzewski’s 1,000th Win | January 25, 2015
I’ve done hundreds of college games at the Garden, and in all those games, there has never been a more intense, sustained loudness from the first minute to the last. I got to congratulate (Coach Krzyzewski) after the game. You know, we’re both Polish guys whose names end with -ski, so we have a kinship.

4. His First Game as Lead PA Announcer | November 4, 1989
Before the game, the Knicks did a poignant, heartfelt tribute to the late John Condon (who had been the voice of Madison Square Garden since 1947). Condon’s widow was there. I always used to imitate Condon to my friends because we all grew up with him at the Garden. So to replace him was pretty impactful.

VIDEO: Watch the Knicks’ 2014 tribute to Walczewski on his 25th anniversary as the team’s PA announcer.

3. Game 7 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals | June 5, 1994
Ewing hit the go-ahead shot against Indiana, and we won the game. It was kind of a watershed game for the franchise. Ewing jumped on the scorer’s table, with his arms wide. He was about six feet over to my right, which was good, because Ewing sweated a lot.

2. The 1998 NBA All-Star Game | February 8, 1998
It was Jordan and Kobe, but the people in the stands—Johnnie Cochran, Muhammad Ali—were a who’s who mix. It was just amazing. This past year, we hosted another All-Star Game, and that was great. But it was maybe just half a notch below the first one.

1. Game 3 of the 1994 NBA Finals | June 12, 1994
My personal favorite moment was when I got to the court for the first NBA Finals game that I ever did. It was like, Wow, we have a chance to win the championship. This is just the coolest thing ever.

—Joe DeLessio, FCLC ’06


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