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McKeon Hall, 15th Floor

Photo by Chris Shinn

Photo by Chris Shinn

Elodie Huston (above, left) and her roommate Sithumi Narasinghe Priya Dewage are among the first residents of McKeon Hall. The new residence hall is home to some 400 undergraduates, including 62 enrolled in the Gabelli School’s new undergraduate program at Lincoln Center, offering a B.S. in global business.

“I’ve found that I’ve really come into my own in the city,” says Huston, a Fordham College at Lincoln Center freshman from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. “I thrive on being surrounded by conversation, movement, and color.”

She also considers herself lucky to have been assigned great roommates. “I was paired with two girls who have been a constant source of energy, hilarity, and support as I’ve transitioned into college life.”


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