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Gratitude and Hope


Michael Davidson and Stasha O’Callaghan are united by the conviction that financial aid funds hope.

Without it, Davidson, a 1994 Fordham graduate, would not have become the first in his family to attend college. And O’Callaghan would be overburdened by debt.

Last spring, in her final semester at Fordham, she received the Davidson Family Scholarship—an endowed scholarship fund Davidson created at Fordham to “pay forward” the aid he’d received as a student.

O’Callaghan graduated from Fordham summa cum laude last May with a B.S. in biology, a minor in international humanitarian affairs, and a plan to become a physician who’ll change global health policy.

“At Fordham,” she says, “I learned the language of social justice.”

She’s now in her first year at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

“It’s cool and inspiring knowing that someone would believe in me,” she says, “that my dreams are not unrealistic.”

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