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Forging a Career Path Through Networking and the Fordham Mentoring Program

A native of Buffalo, New York, Reed Bihary, GABELLI ’20, majored in business administration at Fordham, with concentrations in finance and global business and a minor in economics. As an undergraduate, he dove into that interest in economics, interning with Consilience Asset Management and M&T Bank. Today, Bihary is a corporate and institutional banking development program associate with PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh, and he credits the Fordham Mentoring Program with helping him get there.

What are some of the reasons why you decided to attend Fordham?
When applying to schools, I was unsure whether or not I wanted to pursue a pre-med track or a business degree. Fordham boasted excellent programs with regard to both paths, along with a gorgeous campus placed in New York City. It quickly became my top choice.

What do you think you got at Fordham that you couldn’t have gotten elsewhere?
Through the Gabelli School of Business, I was taught the importance of networking and taking advantage of internship opportunities early on. Networking events helped me to land multiple internship roles and gain a better understanding of which profession I wanted to pursue after graduation.

Did you take any courses or have any experiences that helped put you on your current path?
My experience with the Fordham Mentoring Program helped to prepare me for interviews and expand my professional network. Connections I made through this program were pivotal in aligning me with the job I have today. Shout-out to my mentor Tom Hartigan for all his help!

Who is the Fordham professor or person you admire the most, and why?
The Fordham professor that I admire most is Jackie Jung. I took her ethics of business class [at the Fordham]London [campus], and she not only taught the class extremely valuable information for the workplace but also taught various life lessons. She also used her wide array of professional experience, such as working for the United Nations, to connect a few of my colleagues with very experienced professionals.

Can you paint us a picture of your current responsibilities? What do you hope to accomplish, personally or professionally?
Currently, I am in Pittsburgh, working for PNC. I am in the process of completing a three-year development program that will place me on track to be either an underwriter or assistant relationship manager for the bank. I have just completed my introductory credit training with the bank and will soon begin my first rotation within the Diversified Industries Group (DIG), where I will be refining my credit knowledge and learning how to underwrite for the bank. After working with DIG, I will work with a separate lending vertical in Pittsburgh. Then, I will have the opportunity to relocate with the bank for my relationship management training. At the end of this program, I hope to become an effective relationship manager for PNC, [providing]businesses with loans and capital allocation strategies that help [them]succeed through all economic cycles.

What are you optimistic about?
I am optimistic about my opportunity to continue learning after completing my formal education. PNC has continuously provided me with the resources to expand my knowledge base and personal and professional network while on the job. I think one the best things that anyone can do for themselves is to keep learning, and I feel I am in a situation that will encourage my continued education as my career develops.

Anything else we should know about you, your plans, or your Fordham connection?
The friends I’ve made through Fordham are something that I wouldn’t trade for the world, and even though I moved outside of the tristate area, I have been able to stay in close contact with so many of them. However, I would love to move back to New York City later in my career to reconnect with my Fordham friends in my day-to-day life.


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