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Rams in the News: Not a Priest, Not a Man, but Ready to Run Fordham


Not a Priest, Not a Man, but Ready to Run Fordham
The New York Times 01-28-2024
Engaging and unmistakably sharp, Ms. [Tania] Tetlow, 52, easily toggles from light cultural topics (dogs and ’90s bands) to more pressing issues, like climate change and the need for more government assistance to soften the financial strain of college. She regularly concludes statements with the clause “the research shows” — leaving little doubt of her grasp of it.

Charles Osgood, veteran CBS newsman and longtime host of “Sunday Morning,” dies at 91
CBS 01-23-2024
He [Chalres Osgood] graduated from Fordham University in New York City in 1954, with a B.S. degree in economics. But he said he spent more time at the campus radio station, WFUV, than in classrooms. He became the station’s chief announcer and earned his own show, on which he talked and played piano.

Teaching: How to get your students to engage with one another
The Chronicle of Higher Education 01-25-2024
Heather Dubrow, an English professor at Fordham University (who also holds the wonderful title of John D. Boyd, SJ Chair in Poetic Imagination), wrote about the importance of teaching students how to learn from one another. “It builds the skills in listening attentively that are even more valuable in a culture of multitasking and skimming,” she said.

Fordham University Radio Show Marks 50 Years on Air
NBC 01-21-2024
The airwaves are sacred space at Fordham. Allie Small and Matt Koozie are the only students hosting music programming at WFUV, but they’re not playing chart toppers here in the US. They host Ceol na nGael, this station’s Irish music staple on Sundays for the last 50 years.

Opinion: Defendants in the Georgia election case have no reason to complain — even if the Fani Willis allegations are true
CNN 01-24-2024
“If Willis had picked a less-than-capable lawyer, which seems unlikely, the defendants would be beneficiaries of her misjudgment, not victims of it. They cannot plausibly claim that they are being prosecuted unfairly on account of the prosecutors’ alleged relationship with each other, whatever it may turn out to be,” said Bruce A. Green, the Louis Stein chair at Fordham Law School.

Why are states like Alabama, which is planning to use nitrogen gas, exploring new execution methods?
The Associated Press 01-22-2024
“They’ve tried to fix lethal injection … and they haven’t been able to,” said Deborah Denno, a law professor at Fordham University and an expert in execution methods. “The same thing happened with electrocution. It’s just sort of this continuing theme of pushing to get executions no matter the cost involved, and that did propel this change to nitrogen gas.”

Deborah Denno: Alabama is “seemingly inviting torture” by using the untested method of nitrogen in an execution
MSNBC 01-25-2024
Kenneth Smith, sentenced to death for murdering Elizabeth Sennett in 1988, objected to being executed by nitrogen hypoxia because of the potential for the state to botch the procedure. Professor and Founding Director of the Neuroscience and Law Center at Fordham Law School Deborah Denno joins Chris Jansing to discuss the concerns about this untried method.

Why has Alabama executed a man using nitrogen gas?
BBC News 01-26-2024
Deborah Denno, a criminologist at Fordham Law School who specialises in research into death penalty methods, said the procedure “is supposed to be painless”. “But I have to emphasise – that’s in theory,” she says. “These masks don’t usually don’t fit people,” she says. “They’re not airtight, air can get in.”

Alabama Hails Nitrogen Gas Execution, a New Attempt to Address an Old Challenge
The New York Times 01-26-2024
In general, states prefer to tinker with their existing execution protocols rather than try something new, said Deborah Denno, a professor at Fordham University Law School. “States will stick to the same method as long as they possibly can, because if they change, they’re conceding that there’s been a problem,” she said.

‘Textbook’ Execution or Botched One? Alabama Case Leaves Sides Divided.
The New York Times 01-26-2024
“It was appalling,” said Deborah Denno, an expert on execution methods at Fordham University Law School. “Pain for two to four minutes, particularly when you’re talking about somebody who’s suffocating to death — that’s a really long period of time and a torturous period of time.”

Trump Will Be Able to Wait to Pay Full $83.3 Million Until All Appeals Are Exhausted
The New York Times 01-26-2024
Still, if the verdict survives Mr. Trump’s appeals, Ms. Carroll should eventually be paid, according to Bruce Green, director of the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics at Fordham University. “He’s the rare defendant with an $83 million verdict against him who actually has the money,” Mr. Green said. “Wherever this lands, she should be able to collect.”

Taking away Trump’s business empire would stand alone under New York fraud law
The Associated Press 01-29-2024
Or as New York lawyer and Fordham University adjunct professor Jerry H. Goldfeder put it, “Just because no one is complaining doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a fraud.”

Florida cutting Sociology as core higher education course sparks outrage: ‘No evidentiary basis’
Fox News 01-26-2024
[Heather] Gautney, a sociology professor at Fordham University, added that the Board’s move came at a time when society is “in such dire need of what sociology has to bring—systematic analysis, understanding, and policy solutions.”

Amid a Housing Crunch, Religious Groups Unlock Land to Build Homes
The New York Times 01-24-2024
In addition, “unscrupulous” people looking for deals may target faith-based organizations, assuming these organizations may not be real estate savvy, Bishop [R.C. Hugh] Nelson said, adding that he had heard horror stories from other pastors. Early in the development of Ebenezer Plaza, Bishop Nelson returned to school to attend an executive program focused on real estate development at Fordham University.

Lessons learned from Hunter Biden: Careful what you put in your memoir
Politico 01-24-2024
Bennett Capers, a former federal prosecutor who now helms Fordham University Law School’s Center on Race, Law, and Justice, said Biden isn’t the first famous criminal defendant to have his words used against him. “In a very different context, defendants find that rap lyrics or rap videos they made are being used against them as basically statements of admission,” he said.

Alabama inmate faces death by nitrogen gas
CBS 01-25-2024
Deborah Denno is a professor of law at Fordham University who has studied the penalty for over 30 years. “Kenneth Smith is definitely a guinea pig. He’s going to be subject to a method of execution, which, as far as we know, has never been used in the history of the world,” said Denno.

Charles Osgood, Lyrical Newscaster on Radio and TV, Dies at 91
The New York Times 01-23-2024
Mr. [Charles] Osgood went to Fordham University, where, he later said, he spent more time at the campus radio station than in class. His first job after he graduated in 1954, with a degree in economics, was as a radio announcer at a classical-music station, WGMS in Washington, D.C.

Alabama plans the first nitrogen gas execution this week in largely secret process experts say raises concerns about cruelty
CNN 01-23-2024
The origins of nitrogen hypoxia as an execution method trace in most sources to a 1995 article in National Review, though it’s gained increasing traction in recent years as states struggle to implement lethal injection, according to Deborah Denno, a professor at Fordham Law School who has studied the death penalty for decades.

Charles Osgood, CBS host on TV and radio and network’s poet-in-residence, dies at age 91
The Associated Press 01-23-2024
[Charles] Osgood, who graduated from Fordham University in 1954, started as a classic music DJ in Washington, D.C., served in the Army and returned to help start WHCT in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1963, he got an on-air position at ABC Radio in New York.

States can’t figure out how to execute inmates. Alabama is trying something new.
USA Today 01-25-2024
Nitrogen hypoxia is the latest capital punishment method of six that the U.S. has introduced, each more disastrous than the last, Deborah Denno, a Fordham University law professor and the founding director of the Neuroscience and Law Center at Fordham Law School told USA TODAY.

Execution by gas has a brutal 100-year history. Now it’s back.
The Washington Post 01-24-2024
“Every gas execution involved torture of some sort. It’s the worst method of execution we’ve ever had and the most cruel,” said death penalty historian Deborah W. Denno, a professor at Fordham Law School in New York. “The inmate is conscious and aware of what’s going on, and the torment is obvious.”

Alabama Gets Ready for Its Gas-Execution Experiment
The Atlantic 01-22-2024
“Yet, at no time does Alabama ever state, step-by-step, how such a nitrogen hypoxia execution shall proceed,” Fordham University law professor Deborah Denno told me. “The reader only deduces the procedure that executioners will use by way of heavily redacted depictions of what will occur.”

Sports Illustrated’s publisher terminates most of staff in mass layoff
ABC 7 01-19-2024
Mark Conrad, Director of the Sports Business Concentration and Professor of Law and Ethics at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, shared a statement with ABC News on what he sees as the “slow and long process where the once-preeminent journal for sports meets its demise.”

As lethal injection drugs run out, what’s the future of death row executions?
Deseret News 01-25-2024
Deborah Denno, a Fordham University law professor, said the nation has dealt with a lethal injection drug shortage since around 2010. “The first drug, which was the source of this shortage, is called sodium thiopental,” Denno said in a phone interview.

How a Fordham alumni is continuing a legacy of pasta in the Bronx
News 12 01-25-2024
Chris Borgatti says his great grandparents passed down the love for pasta making, but a degree was still something that he wanted to pursue. He says Fordham University gave him the opportunity to do both.

Monday Bulletin: Bald Eagle Back in Central Park; UWS Sidewalk Sheds Among Manhattan’s Oldest; Fordham’s Unique New President; 2 UWS Eateries Named James Beard Semifinalists
West Side Rag 01-29-2024
The New York Times profiled Tania Tetlow, the first woman and layperson to lead Fordham University, which has a campus on the Upper West Side, in its 182-year history.

State of Alabama preparing for first ever nitrogen hypoxia execution
WBRC 01-24-2024
“We never know how these executions are going to go. I mean it’s always a toss up. Unfortunately, what happens is we just wait and see,” Deborah Denno, a Fordham University law professor and expert on methods of execution, said.

As California closes prisons, state spending per inmate hits a new record
CalMatter 01-23-2024
But wholesale cuts to correctional spending don’t necessarily always equate to better prison conditions, said John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University. “If you don’t cut (budgets) carefully, that makes prisons worse places to be. It makes them more dangerous, more traumatic,” Pfaff said.

Charles Osgood, CBS host on TV and radio and network’s poet-in-residence, dies at age 91 01-23-2024
[Charles] Osgood, who graduated from Fordham University in 1954, started as a classic music DJ in Washington, D.C., served in the Army and returned to help start WHCT in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1963, he got an on-air position at ABC Radio in New York.

So many good books to read
Amsterdam News 01-25-2024
“All four of these books have helped me better understand who I am as a Black woman, the long lineage of courageous Black women who came before me, and the ways we can continue to strive for more in large and small ways,” says Christina Greer, an associate professor at Fordham University.

The Cosmic Racism of H.P. Lovecraft
Compact 01-19-2024
“Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the subject of David J. Goodwin’s new biography, Midnight Rambles: H.P. Lovecraft in Gotham, is a dispiriting figure in literary history. As a friend of mine remarked, ‘the least depressing thing about Lovecraft is his fiction.’”

Menachem Daum, 77, Filmmaker Who Explored the World of Hasidim, Dies
The New York Times 01-19-2024
In 1978, he [Menachem Daum] received a doctorate in educational psychology from Fordham University. His dissertation was on aging, and for the next 25 years he worked as a research gerontologist for New York City’s Department of Aging and the Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College.

They Fell in Love After She ‘Bamboozled’ Him.
The New York Times 01-26-2024
Born on Staten Island, Mr. Caneco joined the Navy in 2005 after earning a bachelor’s degree in history and Middle East studies from Fordham University.

Opinion: Teacher opens coffee shop, hires students
The Atlanta Journal Constitution 01-29-2024
[Kim] Kaczmarek went on to earn a bachelor’s in special education from Syracuse University and a master’s from Fordham University. Adam eventually became one of her students.

Dialogue on NYC’s migrant crisis points to need for God
Our Sunday Visitor 01-25-2024
A “network of friends and collaborators” is clearly “key to success” for incoming immigrants, a prominent Mexican-American woman religious who ministers in Texas at the U.S.-Mexico border said at a Jan. 20 dialogue sponsored by Jesuit-run Fordham University.

At Fordham University, a Dialogue on the ‘Migrant State of Emergency’
The Good News Room 01-23-2024
On Saturday, January 20, Fordham University held a dialogue that was open to the public called “The Mayor’s Office and The Church: NYC Migrant State of Emergency.” Sister Norma Pimentel, MJ, a prominent immigrant advocate, discussed the current state of affairs with Anne Williams-Isom, NYC deputy mayor for Health & Human Services. Approximately 50 people attended the University’s Rose Hill campus in the Bronx.

CCÉ headed for Buffalo in April
The Irish Echo 01-23-2024
Fordham University should be very proud, not only of the station’s five decade long record of achievements but for their commitment to the event – I could not imagine a more fitting way to celebrate five decades of success.

U.S. Ambassador to Qatar visits the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies
Zawya 01-21-2024
QIASS fosters strategic partnerships with a number of U.S. institutions, to include a partnership with New York’s Fordham University.

Strategies and resources for “successful aging”
Yonkers Times 01-22-2024
For example, a caregiver coaching program developed with Fordham University and the County Department of Aging has a comprehensive guide and is staffed by volunteers who have acted as caregivers.

Fordham’s Kyle Rose Makes History in a Thrilling Win Against Rhode Island
BVM Sports 01-25-2024
Fordham’s Kyle Rose played his 127th career game, becoming the Rams’ all-time leader, and led Fordham to a 71-68 win over Rhode Island, with a career-high 24 points. Fordham’s overall record improved to 9-10, 3-3 in the Atlantic 10, while Rhode Island fell to 9-10, 3-3 in the conference.

Fordham University Women’s Basketball Clinches Thrilling Victory Against George Washington
BVM Sports 01-27-2024
Fordham University women’s basketball defeated George Washington 60-55 at the Rose Hill Gym, with Emy Hayford leading the Rams with 18 points and six rebounds. Head Coach Bridgette Mitchell praised the team’s focus and ability to finish games after the win.

History Channel: U.S. Cable – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
History’s Greatest Mysteries 01-21-2024
Straight out of Fordham University, he [William LaMothe] goes to work for Kellogg’s, and immediately shows an incredible aptitude for advertising, so much so that he eventually gets promoted to vice president of product development and marketing.

News 11 Midday 01-25-2024
Deborah Denno is a Fordham University law professor and expert on methods of execution. Denno says Alabama’s execution protocols surrounding nitrogen gas are very vague.

CBS Sunday Morning 01-28-2024
Which helps explain how an economics major at Fordham University in the Bronx ended up at the campus radio station. “I spent more time here than I did in classrooms and doing homework,” said Charles Osgood.

News 12 Bronx: New York, NY – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
News 12 Bronx 01-21-2024
CitySquash has been around for twenty two years helping kids with their academic, athletic and personal potential through squash. They have a partnership with nearby Fordham University, but a big project is happening for the nonprofit to find a place to call home.

KETK News at 4PM 01-23-2-24
Born Charles Wood, Osgood started his career on the air as a student at Fordham university. Shortly after graduation, he landed an announcer job at a classical music station in Washington, D.C.

Concho Valley Live 01-24-2024
[Charles] Osgood got his start at Fordham University’s WFUV, and later launched The Osgood File, one of the longest running features in radio history.

KCBS-AM (Radio): San Francisco, CA – AUDIO UNAVAILABLE
KCBS 01-23-2024
“I can’t think of anything that I could have done for living that gave me as much sense of satisfaction,” said Charles Osgood, from college radio at Fordham University to working at WCBS.

The 5 o’clock News 01-19-2024
Under the clock tower on the campus of Fordham University in the Bronx, come the sounds of Ireland. Every Sunday afternoon for the last 50 years, WFUV 90.7 fm plays Irish music. The program called Ceol na nGael, which in Gaelic means music of the Irish, is beloved by generations of listeners both here in New York city and in Ireland, who can hear the likes of seamus egan and more online at

The Grio News with Marc Lamont Hill 01-19-2024
My Grio family is here to talk about the biggest stories that are trending in politics, culture, and of course, those digital streets. We got Dr. Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University, and more importantly, host of The Grio’s Blackest Questions podcast.


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