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Rams in the News: February 7, 2019



Chinese New Year is Feb. 5: Here’s why it’s significant, and how it’s celebrated
Indianapolis Star 02-04-19
“It’s linked with the lunar calendar, which is a different way of counting time and also marking the threshold of seasonal changes,” said Yiju Huang, assistant professor of Chinese and comparative literature at Fordham University in New York.

Oh, Rats! The Rodents Scurrying Among Us
Connecticut Public Radio 02-01-19
Jason Munshi-South – Professor of Biology at Fordham University.

APA Comedy Department Adds Megan McWaters And Katie Edwards
Deadline 02-05-19
[Megan] McWaters graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx where she majored in Communications and Media Studies.


Call for nominations: Equator Prize 2019
United Nations Development Programme 02-06-19
Partners include the Governments of Germany, Norway and Sweden; Conservation International; Convention on Biological Diversity; Ecoagriculture Partners; Fordham University; International Union for Conservation of Nature; The Nature Conservancy; PCI-Media Impact; Rare; UN Environment; UN Foundation; the Wildlife Conservation Society, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

The new index shows Sweden’s most innovative companies – from the customers’ perspective
Expertsvar 02-05-19
The index is based on several years of research and has been developed in collaboration with NHH Norges Handelshögskola and Fordham University, USA, and with this we hope to spread knowledge about innovation and create an increased understanding of how investments in innovation can lead to increased attractiveness and thereby better competitiveness among companies and organizations, says Per Kristensson.

The 50 most underrated colleges in America
Business Insider 02-05-19
7 (tie). Fordham University

Muslim, Jewish college presidents focus on common goals with Christian educators
Religion News Service 02-04-19
Soon after he became president of Yeshiva in 2017, he sought out Worthen — as well as the presidents of Fordham University and Catholic University of America — to compare notes with colleagues of other faith-based institutions.

Sojourner Truth: The life and legacy of pioneering anti-slavery and women’s rights activist
The Independent 02-01-19
“That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere,” [Sojourner] Truth said in her speech, according to a transcript published by Fordham University.


Book Review: Counter Institution: Activist Estates of the Lower East Side by Nandini Bagchee
London School of Economics and Political Sciences 02-03-19
Counter Institution: Activist Estates of the Lower East Side. Nandini Bagchee. Fordham University Press. 2018.


Pratt Institute 02-05-19
Over nearly three decades in New York, he spent five years as Senior Director of Marketing Communications at Fordham University, where he developed the department’s collaborative workflows and spearheaded the launch of a new, fully responsive website, email communications, and related social media.


Leonel Fernández presents 32 books on the project “RD2044”
La Nacion Dominicana 02-06-19
The presentation was accompanied by the testimonies of: Marcos Morales (researcher), Abel Martínez (Mayor of Santiago), Arq. Nancidith Espinal, [Anthony Davidson] (dean of the business faculty of Fordham University), Martín Abbot (dean of the faculty of Intec Civil Engineering), Jerome Glenn (Futurist), Katherine Then (Chief of Research), and the Economist and Communicator, Ramón Núñez Ramírez.

Visit from Fordham University
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali 02-04-19
Father Michael McCarthy SJ, vice president of Mission and Identity at Fordham University, United States, was visiting the University, where in addition to touring the campus and learning about academic dynamics, he met in detail one of the projects of social responsibility led by the Forja program.

Alexander’s opening act on higher education
Politico 02-04-19
Bill Colona has started as director of government relations, federal and urban affairs at Fordham University.

From migration to relations with Islam, Pope Francis sets Catholic reform agenda
The National 02-01-19
“In some respects the migrant crisis in Europe at that time put him at odds with the populist movements and governments that were emerging,” said David Gibson, director of the Centre for Religion and Culture at Fordham University, New York.


Researchers raise awareness about interconnectedness, privacy risks of online services 02-06-19
Meanwhile, companies are working to amass huge amounts of data about us, pretty much unchecked—at least for now—say researchers at the University of Michigan and Fordham Law School.

Report examines privacy implications of APIs
International Association of Privacy Professionals 02-06-19
Researchers from the University of Michigan and Fordham Law School released a report to help educate internet patrons on the privacy concerns around application programming interfaces.

Fordham Law Students Up Close and Personal With Justice Kagan
New York Law Journal 02-05-19
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan spoke to dozens of law students at Fordham University School of Law Monday.

Special Olympics Inc. Joins Libris by PhotoShelter’s Roster of High-Profile Brands
My San Antonio 02-05-19
Libris (, the leading digital asset management platform that empowers brands to effortlessly create visual stories, welcomes prominent new clients including Special Olympics Inc., First Bank, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fordham Law School and White House Custom Colour.

Best Schools and Colleges in New York City
Active Rain 02-01-19
3. Fordham University School of Law

REND THEM! The concentration points for the protest called by Guaidó this # 2Feb in all …
Noticias Venezuela 02-01-19
New York : Fordham University at Lincoln Center, Law School Constantine RM 2-02 113 W 60th, New York, NY, 10023, 1:00 p.m.


Dolores Huerta to Receive Radcliffe Medal
Harvard Magazine 02-06-19
The day will open with a morning multidisciplinary panel on the problems facing the U.S. food system, moderated by journalist Soledad O’Brien ’88 and featuring Sara Bleich, Ph.D. ’07, RI ’19, professor of public health policy; Jennifer Gordon ’87, J.D. ’92, professor of law at Fordham; writer and activist Frances Lappé; economics professor Daniel Sumner; and chef and food activist Alice Waters.

U-M, Fordham researchers raise awareness about interconnectedness, privacy risks of online services
University of Michigan 02-05-19
Thomas Norton, executive director of Fordham Law’s Center on Law and Information Policy, and Florian Schaub, assistant professor at the U-M School of Information, will present their report, “APIs and Your Privacy,” at the AT&T Policy Forum’s Symposium on Application Programing Interfaces and Privacy 1-3 p.m. February 5 in Washington, D.C.

Don’t stigmatize religious lawyers
Canadian Lawyer Magazine 02-04-19
As Fordham Professor Russell Pearce put it, the “second wave” of religious lawyering scholarship in the U.S. focused on moving “beyond the question of whether lawyers should bring religious values to bear on their work, toward the difficult issue of how this should be done.”

Facebook is laughing all the way to the bank as Americans shrug off privacy concerns
LA Times 02-04-19
“I think business interests will be very aggressive in preempting stronger state laws,” said Joel Reidenberg, a law professor at Fordham University who focuses on information technology and privacy matters.

DOJ Bucks Trend On Protections Against Wrongful Convictions
Law360 02-03-19
Bruce Green, a legal ethics expert at Fordham Law School who supported the Michigan adoption, called the officials’ fears of statutory conflict “overstated.”

Preet Bharara says democracy is imperiled when norms are undermined
India Abroad 01-31-19
During a conversation with Fordham University School of Law Dean Matthew Diller at the New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) Judicial Section Award Ceremony January 19, Bharara said that the values of America are being tested.

Nyack’s Dennis Lynch: ‘Bad guy’ attorney with a humanitarian side
Lohud 01-31-19
Lynch, a South Nyack justice and adjunct professor at Fordham University Law School, convinced lawyers, including St. John’s Professor Elayne Greenberg, to travel to Ghana.

How Google influenced the Irvington schools through its director of technology, who quit
Lohud 01-31-19
“That’s double-dipping of the worst kind,” said Mark Davies, the former executive director of New York City’s Conflict of Interest Board, who teaches at Fordham Law School.

Law Prof Suggests Trump Pardon May Not Be Enough to Save Roger Stone
Law & Crime 01-31-19
Fordham Law Professor Jed Shugerman stated that while this tidbit may not be the basis for any new charges from Mueller, it could be grounds for state charges, which would not be affected if President Trump were to grant Stone a pardon.


‘Be a man’: What does that mean in modern America?
Christian Scientist Monitor 02-02-19
“They shared their drinks with strangers; they offered to help fix broken grills, camping gear, and drive-around carts, and even discussed how their favorite racer helped other racers before a race by donating parts for broken down cars,” says Malefyt, now a professor of advertising at Fordham University in New York.

Czech Construction Forum 2019: How to Use the Chance of a Growing Economy?
Skypaper 02-01-19
A key introduction to this topic will be a lecture in the world of the most renowned Czech economist Milan Zeleny, professor Fordham University of New York and Baťa University of Zlín.


WEEKDAY MAGAZINE – The Multiracial Bronx: A Unique Cultural Incubator in Post War America
This Is The Bronx 02-05-19
Mark Naison is Professor of African American Studies and History at Fordham University and founded the Bronx African American History Project.

Chinese New Year is Feb. 5: Here’s why it’s significant, and how it’s celebrated
Indianapolis Star 02-04-19
“It’s linked with the lunar calendar, which is a different way of counting time and also marking the threshold of seasonal changes,” said Yiju Huang, assistant professor of Chinese and comparative literature at Fordham University in New York.

With immediacy comes responsibility in the 24/7 social media world
Crux Now 02-02-19
“For whatever reasons, when we have a flash of anger (when viewing social media), when we’re thinking of something, we can type it out instantly almost without thinking more than when we’re speaking with someone,” said Paul Levinson, professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University.

The complex dance to win in the market
London School of Economics and Political Science 02-01-19
Benjamin M. Cole holds the William J. Loschert Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.

Genetic modification key to controlling T.O. rat population?
Canoe 02-03-19
The life span of a rat is only a year so genetic modification may have some success, said Jason Munshi-South, a professor of biology and rat expert at Fordham University in the Bronx, where garbage bags are regularly moved around by feeding rodents.

Oh, Rats! The Rodents Scurrying Among Us
Connecticut Public Radio 02-01-19
Jason Munshi-South – Professor of Biology at Fordham University.

Ousting schools chief is major win for Jersey City teachers union
The Jersey Journal 02-01-19
Chris Rhomberg is an associate professor of sociology at Fordham University who has written books about labor.

Trump Sees an Opening With Voters on Late-Term Abortion
The Atlantic 02-06-19
“Republicans have a golden opportunity to make this a golden issue,” said Charlie Camosy, an associate professor at Fordham University who studies the ethics of abortion.

5 ways to have a civil conversation in a polarized society
Market Watch 02-05-19
According to Charles Camosy, associate professor of Christian ethics at Fordham University, “We play by mean-spirited rules and are self-segregating, online and in person. We are less willing to live in community with each other. We are not cultivating a social climate encouraging patient listening nor responding to others’ varying values and thoughts with any sense of curiosity and interest. These issues of identity are focused on how people are different rather than on commonalities.”

‘Heat is a human right’- Power restored to Brooklyn jail after week without heat and lights
Catholic News Agency 02-04-19
Fordham University theologian Charlie Camosy told CNA that “If you are leading a life in which you feel comfortable and at home in our current culture, then there is a good chance you aren’t living out the fullness of the Gospel.”

NY abortion law ends protection for pregnant women, Catholic Democrat says
Catholic Voice 01-31-19
In a Jan. 28 op-ed for the New York Daily News, Charles Camosy, associate professor of theology at Fordham University in the Bronx, argued that the removal of abortion from the criminal code altogether also eliminates the potential to charge men who attack pregnant women with the crime of killing unborn children.

A tribute to Burns Night and the Brooklyn of Old
Medium 01-30-19
Roger continues to write brilliantly, Scott has had his photos exhibited and Diane is a Fordham professor who recently published a book.

Racism, Sexual Assault and Politics in Virginia
New York Public Radio 02-06-19
Christina Greer, co-host of the New York politics podcast FAQ NYC and associate professor of political science at Fordham University, and Mallory Noe-Payne, reporter for WVTF Virginia Public Radio, talk about the scandal engulfing Virginia’s statehouse, as Gov. Northam’s political future looks shaky after racist photos surfaced on his page in his medical school yearbook.

Axios: Pres. Trump prefers executive time in White House
MSNBC 02-03-19
Gibson’s panel is Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University, Rochelle Ritchie, former press secretary for the House Democratic policy and communications committee, Azi Paybarah, metro reporter For the New York Times, and Robert George, Editorial Writer For The New York Daily News.

Ozy 02-01-19
To launch the series, Greer, a professor of American politics at Fordham University, sat down with The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. to look at the role of comedy in the Trump political era.

Islamophobia is still alive and well in America
New York Amsterdam News 01-31-19
Christina Greer, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Fordham University, the author of “Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream,” the co-host of the new podcast FAQ-NYC and the host of The Aftermath on

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Partners with Google to Release Hamlet Adapted to Virtual Reality: Hamlet 360: Thy Father’s Spirit
American Towns 01-31-19
He is Head of Design and Production at Fordham University.


Why Are Pigeons So Good at Surviving in Cities?
Geek 01-31-19
“Cities seem to be these inhospitable environments,” says Elizabeth Carlen, a doctoral student at Fordham University who is researching the evolution of urban pigeons.


UNF Celebrates Homecoming ‘Nest Fest 2019’
University of North Florida 02-05-19
Baseball versus Fordham University Doubleheader

Newcomers impress New York Red Bulls coach Chris Armas in preseason camp
ProSoccer USA 02-02-19
The Red Bulls selected four defenders in the first two rounds of the SuperDraft — centerback Roy Boateng from UC-Davis at No. 16 overall, left back/winger Janos Loebe at No. 22 out of Fordham University, centerback Sean Nealis from Hofstra University at No. 25 and right back Rece Buckmaster out of Indiana University.

Hoops on the Horizon: Big East’s big bottom
Washington’s Top News 02-01-19
The Explorers have won two straight, but two of their three league wins have come against 13th place UMass and the other was against last place Fordham.

Canadian Football League
[Whitlock Vaughn] played 41 games, starting 21 times, over four seasons at Fordham University from 2013 to 2016, recording 82 tackles, 21 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks and one pass defended for the Rams.

State basketball returns to Glens Falls in 2020
Daily Gazette 02-01-19
Organizers of the Federation Tournament of Champions announced in December that the tournament will relocate to Fordham University in the Bronx next year.

Carlo Acquista named Fordham University men’s soccer head coach
Soccer Wire 01-31-19
Carlo Acquista, a New York Red Bulls scout and former head coach at Adelphi University and St. Francis College, has been named the fifth head coach of the Fordham men’s soccer program, it was announced on Monday by Fordham director of athletics Dave Roach.


Man wakes up to Citizen app alert about fire in his own apartment building
New York Post 02-06-19
The Fordham Law School student [Dan Humphrey] was in bed last September catching some shut-eye when he got the nightmarish alert.

TOBI OR THE MEMORY MACHINES Kick-Off Event Announced at The Bridge
Broadway World 02-06-19
She is an alumnus of Fordham University Lincoln Center (B.A. Theatre), and Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT- Performance) and New World School of the Arts High School.

Taylor Schilling – Portrait of an exceptional actress
Kino News 02-06-19
Enthusiastic about acting, Schilling applied for the acting program after completing her high school degree in 2002 at Fordham University in New York City and was accepted.

Stacey A. Ward has changed positions at Bridgeline Digital, Inc.
Relationship Science 02-06-19
Stacey A. Ward » General Counsel & Data Protection Officer at Bridgeline Digital, Inc.
• New England School of Law
• Fordham University
• Fordham University – Rose Hill campus, Bronx

7 new books to read during Black History Month
Herald Courier 02-06-19
Subtitled “The Forgotten Story of the Black Woman Lawyer Who Took Down America’s Most Powerful Mobster,” the book chronicles how a married Harlem mother [Eunice Hunton Carter] enrolled in Fordham Law School — the rare institution that would accept a black woman at the time — and earned a law degree in 1932.

Lexie Liu Is Crisscrossing the Culture on a Global Level
High Snobiety 02-06-19
Early on, [Lexie] Liu’s parents recognized that she loved the art form, but encouraged her to pursue other subjects for her profession, so she focused on her school work and enrolled at Fordham University in New York to study global business.

IDOC Adds New Members to Leadership Team
Vision Monday 02-05-19
A graduate of Fordham University, [Bridgett] O’Brien spent over 10 years at CBS Corporation spearheading sales marketing efforts worldwide.

Economic & Market Observations: A Really Big Show
BNY Mellon 02-05-19
After an undergraduate training at Fordham University, [Vincent Reinhart] received graduate degrees in economics at Columbia University.

APA Comedy Department Adds Megan McWaters And Katie Edwards
Deadline 02-05-19
[Megan] McWaters graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx where she majored in Communications and Media Studies.

Intermarriage & The Jewish Future: Optimism and Opportunity
Tap into Berkeley Heights 02-05-19
[Jane Larkin] has a BS from the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and an MBA from Fordham University Graduate School of Business.

Hawaii’s Turtle Bay Resort welcomes new Director of Food & Beverage
eTurboNews 02-05-19
Mr. [Andrew] Spinelli is a graduate of Fordham University in New York City where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business.

Global Military Laser Designator Market Top Manufactures, Growth Opportunities and Investment Feasibility 2018-2023
Buffalo Morning Star 02-04-19
Ted [Green] has worked for the Buffalo News and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” he is a graduate of the Fordham University.

The Jerusalem Post 02-04-19
[Ziona Greenwald] is a contributing editor to The Jewish Press and holds a J.D. from Fordham Law School.

Mithra Strengthens Management Team With Key Appointments
First Word Pharma 02-04-19
Alexandra [Deschner] holds an M.B.A. in International Management from Fordham University in New York and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Loyola College in Maryland.

Francis McCartan is now serving in a new position at Archer Ltd.
Relationship Science 02-04-19
Francis McCartan » Vice President at The Buckingham Research Group
EDUCATION: • Fordham University

The Citizen Force is reinforced by Stelios Perdiokogiannis
Palo 02-01-19
In 2011 [Stelios Perdiokogiannis] moved to the United States to start his postgraduate studies at Fordham University in New York.

TPG Specialty Lending, Inc. Expands its Board of Directors and Elects Hurley Doddy and Jennifer Gordon to the Board
Business Wire 02-01-19
Ms. [Jennifer] Gordon holds a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Michigan.

University of Nebraska Lincoln 01-31-19
[Andrea Bashce] earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University in biological sciences, a master’s degree from Columbia University in applied climate science and a doctorate in crop production and sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University.

WHO’S NEWS: Savills Studley on-boards Rodriguez as managing director, Levin Management Corp gets new board president
Real Estate Weekly 01-31-19
[Astra] Tudisco received a bachelor’s degree cum laude from New York State University at Albany in 1986, and earned her Juris Doctor from The Fordham University School of Law in 1989.

Meet Queens Library President Dennis Walcott
Queens County Politics 01-31-19
Later on [Dennis Walcott] went on to earn his master degree in social work from Fordham University in 1980.

Nomisupasta EPK 2019
South Africa Trendolizer 01-31-19
[Nomisupasta] has both musical and academic accolades with A MA International Political Economy and Development from Fordham University in New York on a Fulbright scholarship as well as the highly coveted South African Music Award for Best African Alternative Music.

7 new books to read during Black History Month
Newsaday 01-31-19
Subtitled “The Forgotten Story of the Black Woman Lawyer Who Took Down America’s Most Powerful Mobster,” the book chronicles how a married Harlem mother [Eunice Hunton Carter] enrolled in Fordham Law School — the rare institution that would accept a black woman at the time — and earned a law degree in 1932.

Rafu 01-31-19
[Michele Selene Ang] graduated from Fordham University in New York with a degree in theatre performance, and can be seen on the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” and the CBS show “Elementary.”

Three Indian-Americans among 46 judges appointed and reappointed in New York City
News India Times 01-31-19
Judge [Archana] Rao is a graduate of Vassar College and Fordham University School of Law.

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre Provide Education Through Signature Dance Program Notes In Motion Outreach Dance Theatre
Broadway World 01-31-19
Geneva Jenkins attended Alvin Ailey School, the Juilliard School and is a graduate of Fordham University.

Enterprises Expecting AI to Deliver Huge Business Growth in Future
Small Biz Daily 01-31-19
[Jeffrey Howell] was born in Orlando, Florida and moved to New York city for doing his masters in marketing from the Fordham University, New York.


Msgr. Vincent A. Keane, 86, Of Douglaston, NY, Priest
Msgr. Keane, Teacher and Pastor, Served As Priest For 60 Years
The Tablet 02-06-19
Born in Long Island City, he attended Cathedral College, Fort Greene; the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington; Fordham University and the City College of New York.

Tina Siedler, 45, Of Caldwell, NJ, Educator
Caldwell Educator Passes Away, Mourning Community Raises $48K
Patch 02-04-19
A graduate of Fordham University where she also served as class president and helped organize a Habitat for Humanity trip to West Virginia.

Monsignor Paul J. Belzer, 89, Of Buffalo, NY, Administrator
Monsignor Paul J. Belzer, 89, whose congregation included family of Timothy McVeigh
Buffalo News 02-03-19
He earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Bonaventure University, a master’s degree from Fordham University and a master’s degree from Christ the King Seminary at St. Bonaventure.

Sister Isabelle McCann, 91, Of Goshen, NY, Principal
Sister Isabelle McCann CSAC
The Photo News 01-31-19
She earned a BS in Secondary Education and MA in American History, from Fordham University in 1965.

Aline Jenkins Howard, 97, Mobile, AL, Principal
Aline Jenkins Howard, crowned queen of MAMGA in 1940, dies at 97
FOX 10 01-31-19
To prepare to give her best to her students her academic career took her to Alabama State University, Columbia University, Tuskegee University, University of South Alabama and Fordham University.


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