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Rams in the News: Best of the Summer


Lights, Camera, Criminal Defense: Lawyers Pick Up Cameras to Aid Clients
The New York Times 06-23-2023
Now Legal Aid and a criminal defense clinic at Fordham University School of Law are trying to create videos for the defendants they represent: people in state court who cannot afford to hire lawyers, let alone video teams. “We’re trying to bring marginalized clients something that wealthier defendants who are facing charges are able to avail themselves of,” said Cheryl Bader, the Fordham Law professor who runs the clinic.

Hip-hop was born in the Bronx amid poverty, despair. 50 years later, there’s pride, still hard times
The Associated Press 08-09-2023
It was music that “had the sound of a city in collapse, but also had an air of defiance,” said Mark Naison, history professor at Fordham University in the Bronx. 

Fordham naming football stadium after famous alum Joe Moglia
New York Post 09-01-2023
Throughout his life, and throughout his football rise, Joe Moglia’s name has always been tied to Fordham. … And before Fordham’s football game against Lehigh University on Oct. 7, the university will officially name its field Moglia Stadium at Jack Coffey Field.

Justices Thomas and Sotomayor, who say they benefitted from affirmative action, divide on its future
ABC News 06-29-2023
Fordham University President Tania Tetlow said in an interview last year: “We would like to match the demographics of this generation as best we can because when we’re not doing that, we know we’re just missing talent.”

Considering a Catholic University? Here’s What to Know
U.S. News & World Report 07-14-2023
“They are deeply committed to the complementary values of faith, critical reasoning, intercultural dialogue and academic freedom,” says Patricia Peek, dean of undergraduate admission at Fordham University, a Catholic school in New York.

LGBTQ+ Catholics urged to ‘proclaim compassionate love of God’ by Outreach 2023 speakers
America Magazine 06-20-2023
With a well-attended Mass that sent people forth with a rousing rendition of Richard Smallwood’s “I Love the Lord” — served up by the choir of New York’s St. Paul the Apostle Church and soloist Paulist Father Steven Bell — the third annual Outreach gathering of LGBTQ+ Catholics came to a close after a weekend of thoughtful discussion panels held at the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham University.

For clergy abuse survivors, Sinead O’Connor’s protest that offended many was prophetic
The Associated Press 07-27-2023
Saddened by her passing, Brenna Moore, a theology professor at Fordham University in New York and a big fan of O’Connor, described her as “a kind of prophetic truth-teller.”
Society, especially in the English-speaking world, is used to men taking on this role, Moore said, but when a woman does it, she’s accused of being crazy and angry.

TikToks on all-Asian friend groups highlight what some see as prejudices within Asian American communities
NBC News 08-24-2023
“There’s a lot of diversity within the Asian American experience. So these quote-unquote toxic Asian friend groups, or monolithic Asian friend groups, monoracial Asian friend groups, are just one experience,” said Yuki Yamazaki, a clinical assistant professor of counseling psychology at Fordham University who has studied Asian Americans, multiracial Americans and colorism. 

Catholic universities say the end of affirmative action threatens their values and religious liberty
America Magazine 06-30-2023
Writing that the school had been “preparing for this moment all year,” Fordham President Tania Tetlow said the Jesuit university will “do everything allowed under the law to continue assembling a student body of the best and brightest, with every type of talent and experience.”

A.I. Is Coming for Mathematics, Too
The New York Times 07-02-2023
But Heather Macbeth, a mathematician at Fordham University, said that this same feature — providing line-by-line feedback — also makes the systems useful for teaching. 

What is Dembow? Check out the genre that’s struck a chord with Bad Bunny, Rosalía and more
USAToday 07-19-2023
The growth of the internet and digital platforms has been pivotal in helping Dembow overcome a conservative media landscape in the Dominican Republic, says Angelina Tallaj-García, assistant professor of music at Fordham University.

Workers most exposed to AI bet it will help — not hurt — them, study finds
Yahoo! Finance 07-28-2023
Giacomo Santangelo, an economist at Fordham University and the recruiting company Monster, added that these workers might see AI as an opportunity to gain skills that increase their job security. Santangelo, who was not affiliated with the study, said that higher-paid workers often have the time and confidence to acquire new skills.

‘I haven’t been the same since’: This TikToker was shocked to find out that Buc-ee’s pays janitors the same wage as her office job — why the demand for blue collar work is soaring
Yahoo! Finance 07-06-2023
“White collar workers may experience a recession that blue collar workers don’t experience,” Dr. Giacomo Santangelo, an economics professor at Fordham University told VOA. He believes cultural disdain for manual labor has created this undersupply of blue collar workers. “We’ve gotten into this habit of saying it’s important to go to college, instead of saying it’s important to learn a skill,” Santangelo says.

The fight for Asian American studies in colleges gains ground
The Washington Post 06-27-2023
Across the country, a movement to expand Asian American studies is gaining steam. In April, Fordham University announced that it would offer a minor in the subject; Williams College announced its own program in December. 

Opinion  American conservatives are not more Catholic than the pope
The Washington Post 09-04-2023
“American conservatives don’t simply disagree with Francis or dissent from his teaching. They actually see themselves as more Catholic than the pope, and they’re not shy about saying so,” wrote David Gibson, director of Fordham’s Center on Religion and Culture.

Opinion: I’ve Studied N.Y.C. Rodents for 12 Years. The Enemy Is Us.
The New York Times 08-27-2023
Jason Munshi-South is a professor of biology at Fordham University, where he runs the Munshi-South Lab at Fordham’s Louis Calder Center. He has studied the ecology and evolution of urban wildlife in New York City for 16 years, with a particular interest in rodents.

Colleges Are Going to Have to Put ChatGPT on the Curriculum
Bloomberg Opinion 09-06-2023
“I know I’m still not ready. But the waves of some storms are too big to ignore or resist. The only choice, it seems, is to ride them,” wrote Michael Peppard, a professor of theology at Fordham University.

Opinion: The solution to Biden’s student loan problems is right before his eyes
The Washington Post 07-18-2022
“Before embarking on what will likely become yet another long court battle, it should turn to a program that already exists and, if tweaked, could legally accomplish just about everything one could want from a loan forgiveness policy,” wrote John Brooks, a Fordham Law professor, along with colleagues from Georgetown Law.

These accelerated MBA programs allow undergrads to complete 2 degrees within 5 years
Fortune 06-27-2023
Four-plus-one programs keep students connected with their goals, says Barbara Porco, the associate dean of graduate studies and managing director of the responsible business center at Fordham University. 

The 15 Colleges with the Best Alumni Networks
Town & Country 08-03-2023
“Students who want to attend college in New York City but still want the classic campus experience might be drawn to Fordham, a Jesuit university with two main campuses: the traditional Rose Hill in the Bronx, and the urban Lincoln Center in Manhattan. 

Tonya Pinkins Named Denzel Washington Chair in Theatre at Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Broadway World 7-25-2023
Tonya Pinkins has been named as the next Denzel Washington Chair in Theatre this fall at Fordham College at Lincoln Center.

What Is EMDR Therapy, Exactly, and Can It Really Help You Process Trauma?
SELF Magazine 06-20-2023
“Dr. Francine Shapiro, the psychologist who originated it, was walking through a park, thinking about some upsetting memory, when she noticed that when she moved her eyes back and forth, she felt calmer,” Rachelle Kammer, PhD, LCSW, an EMDR-certified therapist and clinical professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service, tells SELF.

Editorial; Sinead O’Connor was once seen as a sacrilegious rebel, but her music and life were deeply infused with spiritual seeking
The Conversation 07-28-2023
“I join the chorus of voices today who say O’Connor was decades ahead of her time. But leaving it just at that, we miss something profound about the complexity and depth of her religious imagination. Sinead O’Connor was arguably one of the most spiritually sensitive artists of our time,” wrote Fordham Professor Brenna Moore.

Opinion Letters: The Supreme Court’s Rejection of a Disputed Legal Theory on Elections
The New York Times 06-28-2023
While it is common for politicians and lawyers worldwide to dismiss international best practices based on the uniqueness of their legal systems, in the U.S., too, only the Supreme Court can ensure consistency across all states and thus protect the integrity of federal elections,” wrote Jurij Toplak, adjunct professor of law at Fordham.

Law firm opens diversity fellowship to all students after lawsuit
The Washington Post 09-06-2023
Universities and private employers are “looking for workarounds” amid the legal battle over diversity and inclusion efforts, according to Kenneth Davis, a professor of law and ethics at Fordham University. 

A new website reports on the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community
NPR 09-06-2023
Fordham University anthropologist Ayala Fader has followed the long history of efforts by Haredi rabbis to control new communications technology, including audio and video tapes, usually by insisting that they can only be made kosher by controlling the content.

From Collingwood to coffee king: Nick Stone’s excellent American adventure
The Sydney Morning Herald 07-25-2023
After several years in the AFL – he was recruited by Collingwood before being drafted to Hawthorn and St Kilda – Stone ended up doing a Masters of Finance before eventually making his way to Fordham Business School in New York. 

PGA Tour-LIV Golf Alliance Could Take A Year To Finalize If Deal Doesn’t Collapse First
Forbes 06-06-18-2023
“We had nasty litigation between the PGA Tour and LIV and vice versa …. Now, all of a sudden, they kiss and make up in secret without telling the membership,” Mark Conrad, an associate professor of law and ethics and director of the Sports Business Initiative at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, says.

Alabama describes proposed nitrogen gas execution; seeks to become first state to carry it out
The Associated Press 08-29-2023
Deborah Denno, a death penalty expert at Fordham Law School, said that unlike lethal injection and electrocution, which have been used for decades, “experts could only speculate about how a state might conduct a nitrogen hypoxia execution.” 

Black love gets a boost on reality dating shows
NBC News 08-29-2023
Black women are also simply being presented as desirable on reality TV made for the masses, while also having agency to chart their own journeys for love, said Brandy Monk-Payton, an assistant professor at Fordham University’s department of communication and media studies. 

Russia to launch lunar spacecraft in race to find water on moon
Reuters 08-10-2023
“The last one was in 1976 so there’s a lot riding on this,” Asif Siddiqi, professor of history at Fordham University, told Reuters. “Russia’s aspirations towards the moon are mixed up in a lot of different things. I think first and foremost, it’s an expression of national power on the global stage.”

Thousands of union workers in L.A. to strike Tuesday
CBS News 08-08-2023
“We have not seen these kinds of work stoppages in decades, and I think that says something about the displeasure that workers are feeling right now within the U.S. labor market,” said Giacomo Santangelo, senior lecturer of economics at Fordham University.

Trump in court for arraignment: What to know
CBS 08-03-2023
“I think more of the drama is going to come after the fact. These are significant charges. They really go to the heart of our democracy and the sacred right to vote and to have that vote counted,” said Cheryl Bader, former assistant U.S. attorney and professor at Fordham School of Law.

Murdaugh’s Lawyers Seek New Trial, Saying Clerk Tampered With Jury
The New York Times 09-05-2023
Bruce A. Green, a law professor at Fordham University who specializes in criminal law and ethics, said he had never before heard of a clerk of court publishing a book about a trial in which she was involved. 

Nitrogen Gas Executions Could Go Horribly Wrong. Here’s Why
Newsweek 09-05-2023
Alabama’s report is the first time any state has made a nitrogen hypoxia protocol public, said Deborah Denno, a death penalty expert and professor at Fordham Law School.

Are There Any Rules About Going Braless?
The New York Times 08-29-2023
This gets a little more complicated when it comes to workplace dress codes, according to Susan Scafidi, the founder of the Fashion Law Institute. New York City was, she said, the first jurisdiction to insist on “full gender neutrality,” meaning an employer can “require an individual identifying as female to wear a bra or hide her nipples, but only if the same rule applies to a male employee.”

Trump’s Emerging Defense in the 2020 Election Case Explained and Dissected by Legal Experts
USAToday 08-09-2023
“You don’t have First Amendment rights to incite crime or pressure other people to take illegal action,” said Cheryl Bader, professor of criminal law at Fordham Law. “The speech here is a testament to both the technique used to turn the findings on their head and the means by which he obtained the lawsuit.”

DeSantis claims agents can tell traffickers from migrants in call for deadly force
The Guardian 08-08-2023
John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University in New York, called DeSantis’s proposal “terrifying.”

Trump directs rage at DC judge handling his Jan. 6 case
The HIll 08-07-2023
While it’s rare for a criminal defendant to “go out of their way” to antagonize a judge, Trump’s recent social media posts will likely not have meaningful bearing on the case, according to Bruce Green, director of the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics at Fordham University. 

Did Hunter Biden get a sweetheart deal? How these cases play out with other defendants
USA TODAY 07-25-2023
While the maximum sentence under the statute is 10 years in prison, prosecutors have wide discretion to defer prosecution or seek diversion programs and often do so in cases like Biden’s where the offender has no criminal record, the charges are minor and the case does not involve aggravating circumstances like use of the firearm in a criminal act, according to Cheryl Bader, a former federal prosecutor who runs the Criminal Defense Clinic at Fordham Law.

Did Hunter Biden get a sweetheart deal? How these cases play out with other defendants
USA TODAY 07-25-2023
Bennett Capers, a law professor at Fordham University, previously told USA TODAY there are a lot of factors that go into determining what someone’s offense level is, and that’s before any criminal history is taken into account.

NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Risks Delays With New Jersey Lawsuit
Bloomberg 07-22-2023
“This has been in the works for quite a while,” said Nestor M. Davidson, director of the Urban Law Center at Fordham University School of Law. “Could you get a judge who is skeptical about the level of outreach to New Jersey communities and groups that will be impacted by this?”

Trump’s Trial Dates Collide With His 2024 Campaign Calendar
The New York Times 07-20-2023
“The courts will have to decide how to balance the public interest in having expeditious trials against Trump’s interest and the public interest in his being able to campaign so that the democratic process works,” said Bruce Green, a Fordham University professor and former prosecutor.

Trump’s Legal Team Is Enmeshed in a Tangle of Possible Conflicts
The New York Times 08-05-2023
“This is boundary breaking,” Bruce Green, who teaches legal ethics at Fordham Law School in New York, said about the totality of the issues involved. “What I’m most curious about is why these lawyers want to play so many roles. Usually, lawyers just want to be lawyers.”

After his Indictment, Could Donald Trump Go on Trial, then to Prison?
Al-Jazeera 08-03-2023
Bruce Green, a Fordham University professor and former prosecutor, told The New York Times: “The courts will have to decide how to balance the public interest in having expeditious trials against Trump’s interest and the public interest in his being able to campaign so that the democratic process works.

Legal Analyst Weighs in on Third Indictment — Video Unavailable
CBS 08-02-2023
“It’s not a crime to just lie. In other words, we have a First Amendment right to be protected in our speech, and particularly political speech is afforded the highest degree of protection, said Fordham Law Professor Cheryl Bader. “But the indictment shows that Trump was not just lying about election fraud, but he used those lies in order to try to subvert the will of the people and to actually overturn the results of a lawful election.”

China’s Shein Fashion Firm Facing Lawsuit
CBS News 07-17-2023
Under U.S. law—and the U.S. is less protective of fashion than many other jurisdictions—but under U.S. law, many copies of three-dimensional garments would not be protected. However, we do have protection for some of the things like the design on the front of a T-shirt, the two-dimensional part,” said Susan Scafidi, the founder and director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University.

Alabama’s Last Two Executions Failed. They’re Trying Again Next Week
NPR 07-14-2023
Deborah Denno, a death penalty expert at Fordham Law School, says lethal injection problems are an issue all around the country.

Olympic Champion Caster Semenya Wins Appeal in European Court Over Testosterone Limits
The Wall Street Journal 07-11-2023
It is not clear whether CAS will revisit its 2019 decision in light of Tuesday’s ruling, said Jurij Toplak, an adjunct professor of law at Fordham University.

Biden won a global tax rate. Now Americans wonder if it was a good deal.
The Washington Post 07-05-2023
“The effects of Pillar 2 will almost certainly involve more profits shifting back to the U.S., potentially bringing lots of revenue with it,” said Fordham University law professor Rebecca Kysar, a former Treasury official who helped lead the negotiations that crafted the deal.

The US job market continues its cooldown, adding just 187,000 positions last month
CNN 08-04-2023
The labor market remains tight by historical standards; however, finding workers and filling jobs could be heavily influenced by factors such as skills, geography, and inflation, Giacomo Santangelo, an economist with employment website Monster and a senior lecturer of economics at Fordham University, told CNN earlier this week.

Indictment Alleges 7 Lawmakers Contacted After Jan. 6 Insurrection — Video Unavailable
MSNBC 08-02-2023
“Part of what has been so concerning about Donald Trump as executive is that he has never respected the Constitution and rule of law or larger American Democracy,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science. 

From fig leaves to ‘French Connection,’ the impulse to sanitize culture
The Christian Science Monitor 07-26-2023
The motives for editing out offensive language and scenes from certain works are understandable, says Paul Levinson, professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University in New York. “No decent person wants to be entertained with racial slurs and insults,” he says, “and we’re doing our best to extirpate words like that from public society.

DeSantis Tries to Reboot Struggling Campaign — Video Unavailable
MSNBC 07-21-2023
Governors usually try to tout executive experience, saying ‘I led the state and we have all these record accomplishments,’” said Christina Greer, Fordham University associate professor of political science. “Ron DeSantis doesn’t have that record. He can’t say that about the state of Florida.”

Trump’s Summer of Accountability — Video Unavailable
MSNBC 07-24-2023
“So he’s a hero at once, storming through the country protecting them and taking away other people’s civil liberties on their behalf,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham. “And he’s also the victim, which is also why he needs their time and their attention and their vote.”

Is There a Price That Keeps Trump Quiet? E. Jean Carroll May Find Out.
The New York Times 06-23-2023
Benjamin Zipursky, a Fordham Law School professor, said U.S. Supreme Court precedent has suggested that punitive damages should not exceed 10 times the compensatory damages. Using that as a guide, if Ms. Carroll obtained the $10 million in compensatory damages she seeks, a $100 million punitive damages award might be upheld.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Waiting for the Supreme Court Ruling Is ‘Nerve-Wracking’ for Many Americans — Here’s Why It’s Taking So Long
Yahoo! Finance 06-22-2023
At the same time, the SCOTUS must consider if the plaintiffs have made a convincing argument of being harmed by the Biden plan. This typically requires gaining the right to sue — and justice Amy Coney Barrett seems “especially unconvinced” that the plaintiffs have proven harm, according to Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University and Boston University.

Why the Supreme Court still hasn’t decided on Biden’s student loan forgiveness
CNBC 06-21-2023
Conservative justice Amy Coney Barrett seemed especially unconvinced that the plaintiffs proved injury, said Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University and Boston University. “Barrett was vocally and deeply uncomfortable about ruling that any of the plaintiffs had standing,” Shugerman said.

Fake ChatGPT Cases Costs Lawyers $5,000 Plus Embarrassment
Bloomberg Law 06-22-2023
“A litigator would have to be living under a rock not to have gotten the message already about the risks of blithely relying on ChatGPT,” said Fordham Law professor Bruce Green.

The Supreme Court’s term was full of whimpers. Then it ended with a bang.
Politico 06-30-2023
“The Roberts court should get zero credit for the idea that the independent state legislature doctrine being rejected is any kind of moderation,” said Fordham law professor Jed Shugerman. “That’s just Overton Window talk,” he added, referring to a strategy that seeks to shift the debate in a particular direction by floating a previously unthinkable possibility and then backing away from it.

Student-Loan Relief Backers Amp Up Pressure on Biden After Supreme Court Ruling
Bloomberg 06-30-2023
Liberal groups argue the administration could instead draw on the Higher Education Act of 1965, which gives the Education secretary some broad authorities to manage the government’s portfolio of student loans. Yet doing so would be time-consuming and probably couldn’t be completed before the 2024 elections, said Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University.

Garland’s Distance From Hunter Biden Inquiry Fails to Quell Critics
The New York Times 06-20-2023
“For Garland, there’s a kind of jujitsu in all of this — it may be principled commitment, cynical optics or a combination of both — but it’s geared at survival in a tough environment,” said Jed Handelsman Shugerman, a professor at Fordham Law School who has studied the department’s history and its leadership.

Should Trump-allied lawyers be punished for 2020 election suits? The jury is still out.
USA Today 06-19-2023
When lawyers are sanctioned, it’s usually for egregious conduct like stealing a client’s money or committing other crimes, said Bruce Green, a professor at Fordham Law School. Sanctioning a lawyer for what they put in a lawsuit is trickier.

Does the president have control over the Department of Justice?
Scripps News Service 06-17-2023
“If you asked me, I would say that it’s improper,” said Bruce Green, Louis Stein Chair of Law at Fordham Law School. “But there are some people who have the view, and it’s not a far-fetched view, that the president is the chief executive and all power derives from the president.

They invest in Black women. A lawsuit claims it’s discrimination.
The Washington Post 08-26-2023
Federal laws that were intended to ensure equal opportunity and rights for people of color “are now being used as a weapon to deny them rights,” said Kenneth Davis, professor of law and ethics at Fordham University. “It’s the height of irony.”

Conservative activist sues 2 major law firms over diversity fellowships
The Washington Post 08-23-2023
The legislation at play, which was passed after the Civil War to protect the rights of people freed from enslavement, is being used along with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to claim that companies’ attempts to eradicate racial inequality qualify as racial discrimination, according to Kenneth Davis, professor of law and ethics at Fordham University.

Supreme Court strikes down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan
CNBC 06-30-2023
Fordham law professor Jed Shugerman said at the time that he was struck by the “brilliant performance” of Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, the lawyer who argued on behalf of the Biden administration and its relief plan.

Supreme Court decision on student loan forgiveness expected Friday
CNBC 06-29-2023
Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University and Boston University, agreed, saying it was “almost certain” that the justices will issue the rest of their decisions Friday before they break for their summer recess.

Post wrongly compares firearm offenses of Hunter Biden and Kodak Black | Fact check
USA TODAY 06-29-2023
Contrary to the post’s claim, the two men were charged under different sections of the same statute – 18 U.S. Code § 922, according to Bennett Capers, a law professor at Fordham University.

Thousands of Gen Zers think finance offers the best career prospects. But most say they’ll only stay at their first job 1 or 2 years
Fortune 06-21-2023
I recently spoke with CPA Barbara M. Porco, a clinical professor and associate dean of graduate studies in the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University, who said she’s preparing her students to understand the connection between finance and accounting and ESG. From freshman year through MBA programs, ESG literacy is infused into the curriculum, Porco told me.

Mark Meadows Seeks to Move Case to Federal Court — Video Unavailable
MSNBC 08-28-2023
“Everyone around Donald Trump either has been to prison, is going to prison, or is trying to stay out of prison,” said Fordham University associate professor of political science Christina Greer. 

Officials: Jacksonville Shooting was Racially Motivated
MSNBC 08-27-2023
“We have a governor, Ron DeSantis, who does have blood on his hands because he is the one who has taken away education in the state to make sure people don’t know Black history is American history,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham.

Student loan-relief backers warn Biden ‘failure isn’t an option’
Bloomberg 06-26-2023
But this alternative strategy advocates are coalescing around would be time-consuming and could easily delay any relief until after the 2024 election, Jed Shugerman, a law professor at Fordham University, said. 

The Outside View: Diversity in Danger in Post-affirmative Action Era
Women’s Wear Daily 07-05-2023
I personally benefited from Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute and founder and director Susan Scafidi, who has been critical to protecting industry talent. Fashion and the arts make us better people — providing a forum to inspire and educate, express our authentic selves and celebrate our differences.

Garland Pushes Back at Claims of Bias in Hunter Biden Investigation — Video Unavailable
MSNBC 07-01-2023
“What Merrick Garland is really trying to lay out is protection of our institution,” said Christina Greer, a Fordham associate professor of political science. “He’s saying essentially you can’t attack the DOJ just because you disagree with things.”

New York has tried poison, traps, and birth control to fix its pest problem. Rat researchers say the city should focus on its people instead.
Business Insider 08-28-2023
Scientists even developed a rat birth control to be used in baits, according to an essay published Sunday in The New York Times by Jason Munshi-South, a professor of biology at Fordham University. 

Conservative Justices Courted by Liberal Groups in New Gun Case
Bloomberg Law 08-24-2023
Fordham University Second Amendment scholar Saul Cornell and other amici leaned on language in Bruen to argue the test should be more flexible. … Trying to compare domestic gun violence at the founding with domestic gun violence today is “like looking at two different worlds,” Cornell said. 

It’s Not the Campaign, It’s the Candidate — Video Unavailable
MSNBC 07-31-2023
“A lot of the people who like [DeSantis], or thought they like him, realize there’s something off about his ideological drive,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham.

CNN’s future cloudy in wake of management change
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 06-16-2023
“The days of broadcasting, the days when Walter Cronkite gave the news and got 65 million viewers — only the Super Bowl now gets that many,” said Paul Levinson, a media studies professor at Fordham University. 

Reaction to SCOTUS Ruling Limiting LGBTQ Protections
NBC 4 06-30-2023
Zein Murib, assistant professor of political science at Fordham University, said it is a setback to LGBTQ rights and sets a precedent that could impact other communities. “It immediately affects lesbians and gay men,” Murib said. “But it’s not impossible to imagine a scenario where a business could deny services to someone who is Muslim or Jewish or Hindu based on what they claim are their firmly held religious beliefs.”

Deepfake Political Ads Are ‘Wild West’ for Campaign Lawyers
Bloomberg Law 09-05-2023
AI-powered deepfake political ads aren’t just a threat to candidates and their races, they also threaten government stability, according to Catherine Powell, a professor at Fordham University School of Law.

Move-In Day at Fordham University — Video Unavailable
PIX 11 08-27-2023
Fordham University President Tania Tetlow has this advice for students: “For students, it’s just to realize that pretty soon they won’t remember not feeling at home here. … For parents, it’s to let them go, as painful as that is, to really let students become adults … to carefully let them make their own mistakes and learn from them.”

Stadium Named in Honor of Former CCU Head Coach — Video Unavailable
ABC 15 Myrtle Beach 09-05-2023
A Coastal Carolina University faculty member is being honored by his alma mater. Fordham University announcing that the football and soccer stadium will be renamed Moglia Stadium in honor of Joe Moglia, a 1971 graduate. Moglia served as the CCU football head coach for six seasons from 2012 to 2018. 

Fordham University to Honor Joe Moglia — Video Unavailable
WMBF Myrtle Beach 09-06-2023
Fordham University plans to honor alumnus and long-time CCU [Coastal Carolina University] head football Coach Joe Moglia by renaming its football and soccer stadium in his honor. Moglia retired in 2018 and currently holds a place in 10 different halls of fame.

Another historic president for Loyola University, Xavier Cole looks ahead
The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate 08-13-2023
Just four years ago, Tania Tetlow became Loyola’s first woman and lay president, and led the university out of a period of financial duress, growing enrollment before leaving for Fordham University in New York. 

Catholic LGBTQ conference talks controversies, but focuses on affirmation, love
National Catholic Reporter 06-19-2023
Tania Tetlow, Fordham’s president, set the tenor for the Outreach conference with a simple but meaningful opening line. “I am here to tell you that you are loved, bathed in the overwhelming love and acceptance of God,” she said at the beginning of her June 16 keynote address.

Fordham University to ‘maintain its emphasis on diversity’ in light of SCOTUS toppling affirmative action precedent
Bronx Times 07-03-2023
Fordham University president Tania Tetlow, a Harvard Law School graduate and former federal prosecutor and law professor, has vigorously defended the university’s use of affirmative action. Tetlow, the first female and layperson Fordham president who has served in the post since July 2022, said in a public statement that the school has “been preparing for this moment all year.”

Fordham University Reacts to SCOTUS Decision – Audio Unavailable
1010 WINS 07-03/2023
Meanwhile, in the wake of last week’s SCOTUS decision knocking down affirmative action, Fordham University is promising to maintain its emphasis on diversity. Now according to its website, 40.6 % of their undergrad population comes from underrepresented groups including students of Latino, Asian, black African-American, American Indian, Alaskan, and Hawaiian-Pacific Islander descent. The university’s president, Tania Tetlow, a Harvard Law grad and former federal prosecutor, has vigorously defended the university’s use of affirmative action. 

Urban Plunge Connects Students with the Community — Video Unavailable
News 12 08-26-2023
“Over the course of three days incoming freshmen are immersed in the culture and learning the culture of the borough that lives beyond the gates to Fordham University,” said reporter Heather Fordham.

‘Dribble for Dreams’ Charity Basketball Game this Saturday at Fordham University
PIX 11 08-15-2023
That weekend forecast is amazing, and it’s perfect for an exciting charity basketball game coming up, featuring local celebrities and influencers happening this Saturday at Fordham University.

My twins are leaving for college in a week, and I’m struggling to cope. Here’s how I’m working through it.
Insider 08-20-2023
“One minute, I’m so excited for them that they are going to Fordham University in New York City. The next second, I’ll start crying,” wrote Cheryl Maguire.

How a Bronx summer jobs program prioritizes undocumented youth
Chalkbeat 08-07-2023
The five-week paid internship places undocumented youth in administrative offices at Fordham University and Lehman College four days a week. On Fridays, students head back to Beyond Rising’s Bronx headquarters where they participate in mentoring meetings, skills training, and resume preparation. 

Phylicia Rashad resigns from her position as dean at Howard University
Daily News 08-09-2023
Rashad graduated from Howard in 1970 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has served as adjunct faculty and guest lecturer at several other institutions including The Juilliard School, Carnegie Mellon and Fordham University — where she became the first recipient of the Denzel Washington Chair in Theater.

Hands-on learning partners students with researchers to monitor air pollution in NYC
The Star-Ledger 08-07-2023
In New York City, the Columbia initiative is one of several major projects involving students in air monitoring; Fordham University researchers have launched a similar initiative. An immediate goal for both is to bring students into participatory science and empower them to understand their local context.

Where to Eat Around Fordham
Eater 08-08-2023
Over 2,500 incoming freshmen are eagerly awaiting to embark on their educational journey at Fordham University. Days will soon fill up with classes and study sessions — and plenty of students looking for a respite in between or after classes.

Tonya Pinkins Named Fordham Theatre Program’s New Denzel Washington Chair
Playbill 07-25-2023
Tony winner Tonya Pinkins has been named the next Denzel Washington Chair in Theatre at Fordham College at Lincoln Center, part of Fordham University.

Aaron Judge Opens Youth Baseball Camp in the Bronx — Video Unavailable
NBC 4 07-21-2023
Aaron Judge returns to action in the Bronx but not with the Yankees. Judge is opening up his annual youth baseball camp for young sluggers. It’s being held on Jack Coffey Field at Fordham university.

All Rise Foundation Hosts Baseball Camp at Fordham — Video Unavailable
News 12 07-22-2023
“Fordham’s Jack Coffey Field was filled with 99s … these young campers getting to hang out with the biggest 99 [Yankees’ Aaron Judge],” said Pat O’Keefe.

Aaron Judge could face live pitching soon as timeline for return comes into focus
New York Post 07-23-2023
Judge, who took part in his baseball camp for his All Rise Foundation at Fordham University, said he will be back “soon.”

Aaron Judge has injury ‘wish’ as he remains unsure about return date
New York Post 07-21-2023
Judge was at Fordham University, taking part in his baseball camp for his All Rise Foundation, with hopes of returning to the lineup “soon” from the sprained big right toe that has sidelined him since June 3.

How To Answer The 7 Toughest Job Interview Questions With Confidence
Forbes 07-13-2023
Things that are known are things like the fact that you received your degree from Fordham University in 2006. Or that water boils at 212 degrees fahrenheit (if you are at sea level).

Father James Martin Chosen by Pope to Participate in Synod at Vatican
The Tablet 07-11-2023
The priest has had two private audiences with Pope Francis and has received letters of encouragement from him, including this June when the pope sent him a handwritten note greeting those attending the Outreach LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference at Fordham University in New York City. 

Fordham University to ‘maintain its emphasis on diversity’ in light of SCOTUS toppling affirmative action precedent
Bronx Times 07-03-2023
Although no one knows how Thursday’s Supreme Court decision to strike down a decades-long affirmative action precedent will affect the nation’s colleges and universities, Fordham University officials say they remain committed to fostering racial diversity in its student body.

Etats-Unis : la discrimination positive bannie de l’université
Arte TV 06-22-2023
Jusqu’ici, la discrimination positive autorisait les universités américaines à prendre en compte des critères ethniques pour assurer la diversité de ses étudiants et corriger la sous-représentation des jeunes afro-américains et hispaniques. Une mesure qui visait à corriger les inégalités issues du passé ségrégationniste des Etats Unis. La Cour Suprême, à majorité conservatrice, a jugé jeudi 29 juin que ces procédures d’admission étaient contraires à la Constitution.

Fordham University Works To Keep 280-Year-Old American Elm Tree Healthy
Currents 05-12-2023
Farrelly is the certified master arborist in charge of keeping the nearly 300-year-old American elm tree healthy. It lives on Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus, but this was its home long before there was a school. Fordham’s director of facilities, Ralph Rivera, says it’s seen every student come and go.

A Tree Grows in the Bronx
The Tablet 06-29-2023
Bishop Hughes originally wanted to build a Catholic seminary on the site, but instead his plans morphed into a college. Today it is Fordham University. 

Outreach conference combats anti-LGBTQ rhetoric
The Tablet 06-28-2023
The annual Outreach Conference for LGBTQ Catholics and those who minister to them was held at Fordham University on 16-18 June.

Fordham Holds Climate Roundtable to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Video Unavailable
News 12 06-09-2023
A climate roundtable was held in our borough today. Elected officials, as well as national and community climate and health leaders, discussed how to tackle climate change in the Bronx. News 12’s Marisa Marcellino has more from Fordham University. 

Torres Discusses Environmental Issues at Fordham — Video Unavailable
Fox 5 NY 06-09-2023
Congressman Ritchie Torres held a forum on environmental issues at Fordham University today. The congressman discussed decarbonizing healthcare facilities in the Bronx and investing money from the Inflation Reduction Act to combat the impacts of climate change. 

Roundtable at Fordham Focuses on Fighting Climate Change — Video Unavailable
ABC 7 06-09-2023
At Fordham University, a previously roundtable discussion on fighting climate change took on new urgency, one congressman calling the scary skies a wake-up call.

Catholic Graduates Told to Make a Difference
The Tablet 06-14-2023
“Fordham has given you the tools to achieve, to excel, and to do great things in this world. But that’s not gonna happen by sitting on your hands,” singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder told graduates of Jesuit-run Fordham University in the Bronx in a commencement speech he delivered May 20. 

Fordham University’s REI Hosts Event to Celebrate 3 Prominent Real Estate Colleagues Who Are Changing New York City’s Landscape
Real Estate In-Depth 07-13-2023
Dr. Anthony Davidson, Dean of Fordham University’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies, was joined by [Fordham University’s Real Estate Institute] Executive Advisory Council (EAC) Chair Ryan O’Connor, President and CEO of Clinton Management, and EAC member Chris Mills, CEO and President of Electra USA, to present the awards.

Problem Not Solved: A Closer Look at the New US News Law School Ranking Formula 06-27-2023
The factors U.S. News has chosen to emphasize in its newly revised formula will not, in fact, make the ranking a more useful guide for prospective students. U.S. News promotes short-term thinking in a situation that requires long-term decisions,” wrote Matthew Diller, Fordham Law School dean.

What next in the papal succession
The Tablet 08-17-2023
“The US Church is really a rallying point for all those angry at Francis over politics, liturgy, doctrine, and simply losing the perks they enjoyed for decades under previous popes. So there is no doubt that they will have an influence in the next conclave,” David Gibson, director of the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University, New York, tells me.

Midnight Rambles: H.P. Lovecraft in Gotham
Publishers Weekly 08-15-2023
[David] Goodwin (Left Bank of the Hudson), assistant director of Fordham University’s Center on Religion and Culture, offers a meticulous chronicle of Lovecraft’s time living in New York City from 1924 to 1926.

PRME, Network Of Sustainable-Focused Business Schools, Primed For Next Chapter
Poets & Quants 08-21-2023
Mette Morsing, global head of PRME, speaks during the 2023 Global Forum hosted by Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. 

The Top Master In Management Programs In The United States
Poets & Quants 06-26-2023
Poets&Quants has compiled a list of 32 Master in Management programs at 28 B-schools in the United States, ranging widely in cost, mode of delivery, admission requirements, and class composition. Some, like the programs at Florida Warrington College of Business and Fordham Gabelli School of Business, can be done fully online or in-person; some, like the MiMs at Texas-Dallas Jindal School of Management and George Washington School of Business, can be done in blended fashion.

Trump Arraignment in State Court — Video Unavailable
CBS 2 08-24-2023
“They’ve added some additional language for Trump,” said Cheryl Bader, a Fordham Law professor and former federal prosecutor. “He is not to post or repost any social media that might intimidate any witnesses or harm the community.”

Patents were meant to reward inventions. Now it’s time to talk about how they can’t|
Crast 08-20-2023
But research by Janet Freilich of Fordham University in the United States suggests that there is a “replication crisis” in patent claims that have rivals in other fields.

Critics of Biden’s Global Minimum Tax Deal Miss the Big Picture
Bloomberg Law 08-21-2023
Those who demand the global community make concessions to the US on the global minimum tax deal fail to understand the value of what the Treasury Department has negotiated, says Fordham Law professor Rebecca Kysar.

Georgia Charges Against Trump Unlike Other Indictments — Video Unavailable
PIX 11 08-16-2-23
“This is quite a sweeping indictment. It’s chock full of allegations and facts, and usually we see a defense lay low and see what the prosecutor is going to put forward because the prosecutor has the burden of proof in the case. But, you know, Trump is not your usual defendant and if he says that he’s going to be issuing some report, I think this shows his strategy of trying the case in the court of public opinion and we’ll probably see more of the rhetoric that we’ve already seen,” said Fordham Law Professor Cheryl Bader.

What Happens If Trump Is Convicted Before Election Day?
FiveThirtyEight 08-15-2023
“I think it’s the least likely case for him to be sentenced to jail time if he’s convicted,” said Cheryl Bader, a law professor who runs the criminal defense clinic at Fordham University. 

IRS Whistleblowers Claim Political Interference in Hunter Biden Investigation
Reason 07-24-2023
“It looks like ‘Middle Class’ Joe has perfected the art of taking big contributions, then representing his corporate donors at the cost of middle- and working-class Americans,” Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham law professor and progressive Democrat warned in January 2020. “Converting campaign contributions into legislative favors and policy positions isn’t being ‘moderate’. It is the kind of transactional politics Americans have come to loathe.”

Ad Hoc Committee Urges U.S. Action on Legacy Bill
The Irish Echo 07-13-2023
Ad Hoc member Professor Martin Flaherty (Fordham Law/Princeton University) a noted human rights expert with decades of experience in Northern Ireland noted a third primary concern.” This past week’s ‘game-changing’ amendments do nothing to allay these uniformly expressed concerns. In certain respects, the amendments actually make the legislation less human rights compliant. 

Price of death: What we know about execution costs as Idaho firing squad law takes effect
Idaho Statesman 07-02-2023
Deborah Denno is a law professor at Fordham University in New York City and one of the foremost death penalty experts in the U.S. She told the Statesman that widely held beliefs that lifetime imprisonment is costlier over the life of the inmate than death sentences has been proved wrong time and again.

Fashion School Leaders Express Concern Over Supreme Court Affirmative Action Decision
Prime News Print 06-30-2023
Taking the long view, Fordham School of Law professor Susan Scafidi speculated about how the decision’s reasoning is “also likely to have a much broader effect on many programs designed to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, employment, and beyond.”

A New Supreme Court Case Could Make It Even Harder to Tax the Superrich
Jacobin 06-30-2023
But the idea that income must be “realized” in order to be taxable is not rooted in history or the Constitution, argued tax law experts John Brooks, a professor at Fordham University School of Law, and David Gamage, a professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, in a recent paper.

Coast Guard: Crew Dead After ‘Catastrophic Implosion’ — Video Unavailable
CBS 2 06-22-2023
Lawrence Brennan teaches international maritime law at Fordham Law School, said the remains of the passengers are probably unrecoverable due to the force of the sea.

How intense is the water pressure at the Titanic wreck? And will they ever be able to recover the bodies of the five dead crew
Daily Mail 06-22-2023
Lawrence Brennan, a professor at Fordham University’s School of Law, described the situation to PBS as one of the worse case scenarios. To even make an effort, Brennan said, rescuers would need equipment ‘that are not available presently,’ and extremely expensive – which, even then, would leave a slim chance of finding anything noteworthy, aside from more debris.

Titanic sub was destroyed “almost instantaneously,” Fordham prof. Says
CBS 2 06-22-2023
“This is one of the first traumatic casualties of this nature, but these types of vessels are used frequently in oil exploration fields,” said Lawrence Brennan, who teaches international maritime law at Fordham Law School.

Questions About Liability Arise Over Titan Disaster – Audio Unavailable
KNX-AM Los Angeles 06-23-2023
“We’re at the beginning and we can’t answer those questions right now,” said Fordham Law Professor Larry Brennan. “It’s a question of whether or not the releases satisfy federal admiralty law, and I haven’t seen them in them cautious about commenting on them.”

Glossary of Corporate Jargon
BBC 07-25-2023
“It’s specific not just to the industry, it’s specific to the department you are in, it’s specific to a culture you’re in, it’s specific to an age you’re in,” said media management Professor John Carey. “Jargon is everywhere, and there’s a need to help people get past it.”

Climate change a concern for the Summer Olympics, too. What that could mean for when future Games are held
Deseret News 07-21-2023
Mark Conrad, director of the sports program at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York City, said he’s not surprised that the IOC is looking at the impact of climate change on summer as well as Winter Olympics.

Ripple’s XRP case ‘underscores the need for regulatory clarity’
TechCrunch 07-19-2023
“Lining up the summary judgment in favor of the SEC next to the summary judgment in favor of Ripple Labs, it is as if two separate law clerks wrote the different sections and the judge never reconciled them,” Benjamin Cole, fellow at the British Blockchain Association and professor at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, told TechCrunch+.

Getting the 2030 Winter Games still seen as ‘quite hard’ for Sapporo
Deseret News 06-30-2023
Mark Conrad, director of the sports program at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York City, said the IOC is counting on Sweden’s bid to come through for 2030.

Why Sapporo’s bid for the 2030 Winter Games is ‘still alive’
Deseret News 06-29-2023
Mark Conrad, director of the sports program at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York City, doesn’t see much hope for Sapporo despite the latest efforts to bolster the 2030 bid.

Is the Biden-Harris administration doing enough to combat anti-Black hate crimes?
The Grio 09-03-2023
“What we have yet to fully acknowledge and recognize is that white domestic terrorism has always been our biggest threat to this country and the safety of this country,” Christina M. Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University, told theGrio. 

Nicholas Tampio, professor of political science: Learn to think for yourself
The Conversation 09-04-2023
“As a professor, I believe the purpose of a college class is to teach students to think: to read scholarship, ask questions, formulate a thesis, collect and analyze data, draft an essay, take feedback from the instructor and other students, and write a final draft,” said Nicholas Tampio, a political science professor at Fordham.

Mitch McConnell’s health reignites concerns of age and double standards
The Grio 08-31-2023
“Mitch McConnell isn’t just a senator from anywhere. He’s the Senate minority leader, which means he’s in charge of leading his party, not just in committees but in policy and ideas,” said Christina M. Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University. She told theGrio, “It is apparent that he’s not well, and there’s been a decline in his communication skills with the American public in the past few months.”

The Taliban At The United Nations: An Unexpected Bid For Legitimacy? – Analysis
Eurasia Review 08-31-2023
“No one need believe that the Taliban is actually upholding women’s rights—producing even a clearly absurd report for the UN’s commission may be just enough engagement with human rights institutions for some states to argue the Taliban is making an effort, and to move to block collective ostracism, action, or sanction from other states,” wrote Anjali Dayal, associate professor of political science at Fordham University.

Police Surveillance
New York Amsterdam News 08-30-2023
“The new congestion pricing will not be as simple as EasyPass. Instead, the data collection from someone’s license plate will essentially serve as a way for the NYPD to access all different types of information about individuals and their vehicles,” wrote Christina Greer, associate professor of political science.

Black People Targeted in Florida Shooting
The Grio 08-29-2023
“What we’re seeing is just the policies of Governor DeSantis making it easier for people to get guns, taking away funding for people who have mental health challenges, and sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University.

Wagner Mercenary Chief’s Death will Destabilize Group – Audio Unavailable
WCBS-NY Radio 08-28-2023
The latest now on the death of the Wagner mercenary chief, Fordham University Professor Beth Knobel: “Prigozhin’s death and those of his lieutenants will definitely have a destabilizing effect on the Wagner group. As British intelligence put it this week, Prigozhin’s exceptional audacity and extreme brutality defined the Wagner group and are unlikely to be matched by any successor.”

Russia Prigozhin Plane Crash: Was it Revenge? – Audio Unavailable
WCBS-NY Radio 08-24-2023
“If this was an assassination, it had to have been sanctioned by Vladimir Putin personally. Nothing like this could possibly happen in Russia without Putin’s direct intervention,” said former CBS News Moscow bureau chief and Fordham University professor Beth Knobel.

City and State Attorneys Return to Court Over Right-to-Shelter Law — Video Unavailable
NY 1 08-23-2023
“I think that’s a larger question about this particular mayoral administration, which is who is in charge? What is the strategy and where are we going,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham.

Celebrating Hip Hop
New York Amsterdam News 08-24-2023
“There are so many ways that hip hop has been the soundtrack of my life and I am so thankful for the genius that begat a genre that has changed the course of history.” wrote Christina Greer, associate professor of political science.

Charity Lawson led ‘The Bachelorette’ her way — changing the franchise’s narrative on race in the processThe The 19th News 08-21-2023
Brandy Monk-Payton is an assistant professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University and whose scholarship focuses on race and representation on television; she also co-hosts the “B.A.P.S. in Paradise” podcast on all things Bachelor Nation. For her, watching Lawson’s unquestionable success as Bachelorette this season has felt “complicated.” 

Yusef Salaam never lost his infinite hope
City & State NY 08-14-2023
“I don’t think that Yusef Salaam is a City Council member without Keith Wright,” said Christina Greer, a political science professor at Fordham University.

The Bronx Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums | Affirmative Action
Bronxnet 07-27-2023
Host Kibin Alleyne sits down with two affirmative action specialists, Victor Goode and Dr. Mark Naison, who provides a law and history perspective to the conversation of affirmative action in higher education and answers what the future holds for the controversial topic.

“A Lot of Us Were Naïve” How many Catholics changed their mind about the moment in 1992 when Sinéad O’Connor shocked the world.
Slate 07-27-2023
“Sinead O’Connor was so ahead of her time,” said Brenna Moore, a theology professor at Fordham University. “Decades and decades ahead of her time.”

Russia’s missile strikes against the Ukrainian port city of Odesa – Audio Unavailable
WCBS-NY 07-23-2023
Fordham professor Beth Knobel, formerly Moscow bureau chief for CBS news, said, “The attacks in Odessa, a major port on the black Sea, are linked to Russia’s withdrawal from a UN-brokered deal to allow Ukraine and Russia to ship grain and other foodstuffs to market through the black Sea. The UN got involved because the exports were benefiting people in parts of the world very prone to food insecurity like in Africa.”

Episode 326: The Professor and the Rough Rider
Historically Thinking  07-24-2023
Laurence Jurdem is currently an adjunct professor of history at Fairfield University and Fordham College’s Lincoln Center campus. The author of Paving the Way for Reagan: The Influence of Conservative Media on U.S. Foreign Policy, he is a frequent commentator on American politics. 

Plaintiffs challenging Illinois’ gun owner ID law plan to appeal ruling
The Washington Examiner 07-23-2023
The judge noted that Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly in his defense of the FOID card used Fordham University history professor Saul Cornell’s analysis of historic firearm regulation.

Mayor Adams Names Edward Caban the NYPD’s First Latino Police Commissioner — Audio Unavailable
NY1 07-18-2023
“I do think that there’s a gender component that cannot be overlooked, and we also have descriptive representation, which means a lot to the Adams Administration,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham.

Rushing These 6 Baby Milestones Is A Complete Waste Of Time
Fatherly 07-18-2023
“The window for walking is wide, and there is no cause for alarm if that milestone has yet to be reached,” says Rachel Annunziato, Ph.D., a professor of pediatric psychology at Fordham University.

Podcast: Preaching the kingdom of God when justice is delayed on earth
America Magazine 07-10-2023
[Father Bryan Massingale] is a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and presently lives and works in New York City as a professor of theology at Fordham University. He is a leader in the quest for faith-based racial and sexual justice, especially within the Catholic Church, and regularly presides and preaches at the The Parish of St. Charles Borromeo

Fordham University to ‘maintain its emphasis on diversity’ in light of SCOTUS toppling affirmative action precedent
Bronx Times 07-03-2023
Mark Naison, a professor of African American studies and history at Fordham University, made it clear that he did not speak on behalf of the school but expressed faith that Fordham will continue to push for a diverse student body of the best and brightest.

Supreme Court Just Struck Down Affirmative Action
Staytunednbc on TikTok and Instagram 06-29-2023
“Get rid of the admissions advantages for the privileged, which outnumber those of underrepresented minorities,” said Mark Naison, professor of African American Studies and History.

Black America and the 4th of July
The Grio News 07-03-2023
“Some people see it as a time where it’s like, our ancestors built this nation, and even though they weren’t free during its inception, every freedom we have is because of the blood, sweat, tears, and toil of African- Americans,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science. “And so it is an opportunity for some people to actually take the day and spend time with their loved ones and their friends to think about how they fit in American democracy. 

Yusef Salaam Poised to Go from Being a Wrongfully Convicted of a Crime to Harlem’s Newest City Council Member — Audio Unavailable
WNYC 06-28-2023
“New York politics is like one big, really interesting soap opera. It’s a lot of different characters, and if you’ve ever watched soap operas with your grandmother, your babysitter, after school, sometimes it takes years for one plot to move forward. And when it does, it’s worth the wait,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham.

Wagner Military Group Leader Orders Mercenaries to Halt March on Moscow — Audio Unavailable
WCBS-NY 06-24-2023
Beth Knobel is a professor at Fordham University and the former Moscow bureau chief for CBS News. She says Putin has never had to deal with anything like this. “We don’t really know what’s going to happen,” she said. “It’s really an hour-by-hour thing because nothing like this has happened in the area since 1991 when there was a coup against the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.”

Escalation or Defense? Unveiling Errors in Discussing Military Aid to Ukraine
The Defense post
“In the face of attacks from missile launch sites, artillery depots, and airfields within Russia, targeting these areas becomes a completely legitimate form of defense,” wrote John Davenport, a  professor of philosophy and peace & justice studies at Fordham University.

Top Republican presidential candidates were noticeably silent about Juneteenth
The Grio 06-20-2023
Christina M. Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University and host of theGrio’s “The Blackest Questions” podcast, said she is not surprised by the reactions of Republicans or lack thereof on Juneteenth.

Primary Day Results: What You Need to Know — Video Unavailable
NY 1 06-28-2023
“Harlem is shifting in a possibly more progressive direction. They’re not as interested in kind of the old guard and people who have been in office for several decades or generations and Yusef Salaam connected with voters,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham.

City to Demolish and Rebuild Two Housing Projects in Manhattan — Video Unavailable
NY1 06-21-2023
“We’ve seen when things are so beautifully done, all of a sudden we can drive up rents, we can get a different type of person in this new neighborhood,” said Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham. “I think that even though the tenants voted for it … We’ll see what happens when this great real estate actually goes up in Chelsea.”

Get ready for elections
New York Amsterdam News 06-22-2023
“This year, due to redistricting, New York’s primary day is June 27 and many districts have competitive elections to decide who will be their next City Council representative,” wrote Christina Greer, associate professor of political science at Fordham University. 

The Mobile Phone Is One of the Fastest Disseminated Media in History – Audio Unavailable
WNYC 06-21-2023
“In fact, one of the amazing miracles about smartphones is that they have permeated the world faster than any other medium of communication that ever was invented,” said Paul Levinson, professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University.

Rat complaints in NYC fell 15% vs. a year ago. But are we just getting used to them?
Gothamist 06-19-2023
Michael Parsons, a visiting research scholar at Fordham University studying urban rodentology, wrote in an email to Gothamist that 311 data has several limitations when used to evaluate rat populations.

Confronting Hate Chronicles the Virus of Prejudice
Hyperallergic 06-20-2023
After deep discussions about the construct of hate, Magda Teter, Fordham’s Chair of Judaic Studies, and Westenley Alcenat, an assistant professor of history and African-American studies, led students to explore the apparatuses of racism and antisemitism to build this provocative show.

Competition heats up for Fordham’s starting QB role
News 12 08-15-2023
The Fordham University football season begins in 12 days, yet a competition remains for the most important position on the field,” said Pat O’Keefe. “No. 8 C.J. Montes and No. 11 Jack Capaldi are both vying to be the Rams’ starting quarterback; that position was held since 2018 by all-American Tim DeMorat, who graduated last year.”

Football Season Opener is August 26 in Albany
News 12 07-28-2023
“Despite significant talent loss from its roster, the Rams were still picked to finish second in the Patriot League’s preseason polls,” said Pat O’Keefe.

2024 NFL Draft Prospect Zoom Interview: MJ Wright, WR, Fordham
NFL Draft Diamonds 07-10-2023
Fordham football star MJ Wright recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds scout Jimmy Williams for this exclusive Zoom Interview. “I’m just kind of doing the little things to better my game mentally and physically,” Wright said of his summer preparations for his final season at Fordham.

College interns share valuable lessons they learned this summer
New York Post 08-27-2023
[Colin] Chandna, a student of MS Media Management at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, helps with influencer and media research at 20Two Studio, making clippings of client features and draft pitches, “which can be a bit more tricky than other tasks, but I absolutely love doing it and the guidance received from my account mentor,” she said.

Anton Lagdameo Jr, Dawn Zulueta drop son Jacobo off at Fordham University: ‘We’re never far away’
Politiko 08-28-2023
Politiko scion Jacobo Lagdameo is diving into college life at Fordham University. Jacobo, son of Special Assistant to the President Anton Lagdameo Jr. and actress Dawn Zulueta, left the nest to pursue college studies at the prestigious Jesuit university in New York. 

2023 MBA To Watch: Josefina Israel, Fordham University (Gabelli)
Poets & Quants 08-21-2023
“I was offered a full-time role as a Marketing Analyst at Nissan immediately following my summer internship. I’ve been in my role since September 2022, which has allowed me to gain a head-start on my career and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow within the company following my graduation,” said Josefina Israel.

Old-School Fans Celebrate Hip-Hop’s 50th
The New York Times 08-13-2023
Q&A: Who are you here to see tonight? “I’m here to see them all. I want to see hip-hop history. Tonight is music education for me,” said Mary Olivette Bookman, a Fordham University music student.

Dancers pursue their dream of being a Rockette
Campus News 08-08-2023
Avery Berlowski is a sophomore at Fordham University, who’s working on a BFA in dance in partnership with the Ailey School. Although she’s competed since she was 10 in her hometown of Minneapolis, she’s never danced professionally.

New reporters bolster Tribune news coverage
The Bismarck Tribune 07-24-2023
[Julia Jaramillo] will be a junior in the fall at Fordham University in Manhattan. She is double-majoring in English and New Media and Digital Design, and is assistant arts and culture editor for the student newspaper.

Sarah Jane Nader Rocks Crochet on the SI Swimsuit Runway at Miami Swim Week
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 07-08-2023
The Baton Rouge native is a student at Fordham University and is signed with Ford Models. In 2021, she was photographed for a Laws of Motion ad campaign that landed her a large-scale feature on the side of a building in Manhattan.

College notebook: Nogay garners accolades in first year at Fordham
New Castle News 06-28-2023
Neleh Nogay stood out in her first season on Fordham University’s softball team and earned multiple honors — and rightfully so. The freshman outfielder and Neshannock High graduate earned First Team NFCA All-Region honors. Nogay also was named First Team All-Conference and All-Rookie honors in the Atlantic 10.

Yankees v. Tigers — Video Unavailable
WNBC-NY 09-06-2023
Fordham’s own Greg Weissert comes out of the bullpen to blow away Matt Vierling. The Yankees hang on and win their fifth straight. They’re back over .500.

Who is Brett Kennedy? Journeyman pitcher has impressive start for Cincinnati vs. Toronto
Cincinnati Enquirer 08-19-2023
In 222 innings over his three seasons with the Rams, Kennedy allowed just seven home runs. Hall of Famers Frankie Frisch and Ed Walsh also attended Fordham, as did former Reds pitcher Pete Harnisch, who was an All-American there.

Snapshot New York: Rob Semerano, 42, chasing his MLB dream — Video Unavailable
CBS 2 08-14-2023
Steve Overmyer: “Rob’s journey to the Big Leagues actually began at Fordham University. His 90s-plus fastball and competitive fire got him drafted by the Oakland A’s, but fate had a different plan. Rob’s budding career ended after Tommy John surgery.”

Two longtime homebrewers opening Future Days Beer Co. in Northern Liberties
Philadelphia Business Journal 08-15-2023
[Sean] McGuire and [Nick] Mata met at Fordham University and became fast friends due to their shared love of beer. They started occasionally brewing in their apartment but moved on due to their jobs. They started home brewing regularly again in 2017.

Bessies ’23: Dance World declares ‘You Won’t Break My Soul’ and celebrates
New York Amsterdam News 08-10-2023
As the ceremony got underway, the first to be applauded was Virginia Johnson, founding member and recently retired DTH artistic director,who received the 2023 Lifetime Achievement in Dance. … At one point, Johnson ventured into choreography, but an interest in journalism led to a degree in communications from Fordham University. 

Patterson Woman is a Soccer Success Story — Video Unavailable
NBC4 08-07-2023
Helping Haiti make history with its first appearance in the women’s World Cup, 22-year-old Danielle Etienne’s journey to the international stage has been anything but easy. … As if juggling five days a week of practice and caring for a newborn weren’t enough, she graduated Fordham University in May, then boarded a plane to Australia to compete.

2023 Best & Brightest Executive MBA: Robert Griffith, Fordham University (Gabelli)
Poets & Quants for Executives 08-02-2023
“Director Francis Petit is the sole reason why I selected the Gabelli School of Business. He was hands-down the most compassionate and motivating factor for me to attend,” said Robert Griffith, retired NFL All-Pro, record breaker, and holder of global multi-sector distributor of assets.

The Pekoe Group Appoints Jenny Dorso Vice President Of Marketing Strategy
Broadway World 08-07-2023
In her 10 years with The Pekoe Group … has guided digital media campaign planning for Broadway, Off-Broadway, touring productions, cultural institutions, and restaurants…. Jenny holds an MBA from Fordham University Gabelli School of Business.

If you find Clare Bollnow’s Avondale mural a little unsettling, she’s OK with that
Chicago Sun-Times 07-28-2023
Bollnow, who lives in Ukrainian Village, grew up in the west suburbs so close to Brookfield Zoo she could sometimes hear lions roar. She attended Fordham University.

Who Is Susan Benedetto? All About Tony Bennett’s Wife
The Statesman 07-23-2023
A graduate of both Fordham University and Columbia University’s Teachers College, Susan embarked on a career in education, teaching social studies at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts in New York City.

Dance Theatre Of Harlem’s Virginia Johnson To Receive Award For Lifetime Achievement In Dance
Harlem World Magazine 07-22-2023
Universally recognized as one of the great ballerinas of her generation … is perhaps best known for her performances in the ballets Giselle, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Fall River Legend, each of which was videotaped for broadcast. While still performing, Johnson ventured into choreography but her interest in journalism led her to Fordham University where she pursued a degree in communications.

POLITICO announces newly expanded New York Playbook Team
Editor & Publisher 07-19-2023
Jeff Coltin was most recently City Hall bureau chief for City & State New York, where he covered everything from city budgets to the crossover of hip-hop and politics, and was named the New York Press Association’s 2022 Writer of the Year. … Jeff started reporting at WFUV public radio while a student at Fordham University in the Bronx — inspired by his grandfather Wendell, who reported for the Boston Herald, among other papers.

Acacia Clement: For the Love of Horses
Saratoga Living 07-11-2023
Clement graduated from Fordham University with a degree in communications, which she has put to good use by developing into one of racing’s most recognizable and respected broadcasters.

Here’s how one Fil-Am couple from Houston started and grew their clothing label
Inquirer Manila  07-15-2023
“We both grew up attending/participating in the Fil-Am Basketball League, both of us were active in college Filipino clubs (FUPAC at Fordham University and Filipino Student Association at University of Houston). I should note that Chris did not attend University of Houston—we met at Fordham—but so many of his friends did, so he by association was “active” at the school’s Filipino club,” said Gemini Quintos.

Her Business Helps Leaders Use Lessons From The Poker Table To Raise Their Game
Forbes 06-30-2023
Ellen Leikind learned to play poker when she was growing up. While she and her mom were cooking dinner after school, they played Texas Hold ‘Em and Backgammon. … She holds an MBA in marketing from Fordham University and a certificate from Cornell University in Diversity and Inclusion.

Former Fordham softball player, joins Damar Hamlin in CPR training
ABC 7 Buffalo 07-03-2023
For [Sarah Taffet] the former Fordham Univerisity softball player at the time, it was just another routine run down the first baseline. After being tagged in the chest, she instantly felt something going wrong with her body.

Knicks add Fordham standout Khalid Moore to Summer League roster
New York Post 06-28-2023
The Knicks will bring some local flavor with them to Las Vegas. Fordham forward Khalid Moore will play for the Knicks in next month’s Summer League, the school confirmed, after Moore’s addition to the Knicks’ roster was first reported by SNY.

A Trailblazing Ballerina’s Final Bow
Harper’s Bazaar 06-28-2023
Upon retiring from DTH [Dance Theatre of Harlem] in 1997, Johnson started work on a communications degree at Fordham University, but was soon tapped to become the founding editor of Pointe magazine in 2000.

Damar Hamlin to throw out first pitch at Yankee Stadium Monday
Spectrum News 06-27-2023
The Yankees are honoring Hamlin and former Fordham University softball player Sarah Taffet during Hope Week, which celebrates acts of goodwill and perseverance.

Cole, Rizzo to learn CPR as Yankees honor Hamlin 06-26-2023
Yankees players and coaches, including Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rizzo, will take part in CPR training in the Yankee Stadium outfield with former Fordham softball player Sarah Taffet, the American Heart Association and NYC Public School Athletic Leagues (PSAL) personnel.

Damar Hamlin to throw first pitch at New York Yankees game, following CPR training with team
The Buffalo News 06-26-2023
Hamlin will be joined by former Fordham University softball player Sarah Taffet, whose heart stopped on the field after a routine play in October 2021. Like Hamlin, Taffet required CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) from her athletic training staff. 

From 2019 salutatorian, to Seaford 9/11 Committee Patriot Award winner, to Fulbright Scholar, Eric Schneider is truly one of Seaford’s finest
Long Island Herald 06-25-2023
After graduating second highest in his class, [Eric] Schneider attended Fordham University, where he double-majored in International Studies and French.

Mary Goulding’s first interview: ‘I’m lucky to be alive, but I want to play basketball again’
The Press 06-24-2023
When Mary Goulding first awoke from 12 days in a coma following an horrific car accident in late-May, her first thought was, “what am I doing here? I have basketball training to get to”.

Students Who Started College During COVID Crisis Graduate
The Tablet 06-14-2023
For Miguel Sutedjo, who majored in music and international political economy with a minor in Mandarin and English from Fordham University, the pandemic’s shutdown forced his end-of-the-year performances in his freshman year to be “swept under the rug. “It was very crazy and surreal to finish up the school year online,” he said. But Sutedjo, who will be teaching English in Taiwan for the upcoming year on a Fulbright scholarship, also said that amid the strangeness of the pandemic he got something out of it. 

Tiktok Is Cracking Up At This College Student’s Graduation Photos: ‘the Tongue One Killed Me’
In the Know by Yahoo! 06-14-2023
[Julia] Leahy, who graduated from Fordham University, shared the unedited versions of her college graduation photos, noting that the moment was “very exciting” and a “bit shocking,” considering the fact that she’s still eating Frozen mac-and-cheese for dinner.

Joey Chestnut, Miko Sudo Win Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — Video Unavailable
CBS 2 07-04-2023
“The women were up first. Miko Sudo, who is a Fordham grad—little known fact—see what they taught us there,” joked anchor Dick Brennan, another Fordham alumnus. “She won last year. She claimed victory once again eating 39 ½ hot dog buns and hot dogs.”

Carol Robles-Román, Latina Champion for Justice, Dies at 60
The New York Times 08-24-2023
Carol Robles-Román, who advanced the causes of equal opportunity and social justice for women, immigrants and ethnic and racial minorities through leading roles as a Latina in city government, the courts and higher education in New York, died on Sunday in White Plains, N.Y. She was 60. … Following graduation from Stella Maris High School in Queens, she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and media studies from Fordham University in 1983.

Tom Courtney, Runner Who Lunged to Grab Olympic Gold, Dies at 90
The New York Times 08-22-2023
Tom Courtney, a Fordham University graduate who with a homestretch surge and a lunge at the tape won a furious 800-meter run by inches in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, capturing the gold medal for the United States, died on Tuesday at an assisted living facility in Naples, Fla. 

Carol Robles-Román, who made NYC court system more accessible, dies at 60
Daily News 08-21-2023
Carol Robles-Román, a brainy and determined lawyer from a Puerto Rican family who as a top official in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s administration made New York City’s legal system more accessible, died Sunday at a Westchester hospital. … She studied at Fordham University and then at NYU Law School, completing her legal education in 1989.

Dr. Susan Love, Surgeon and Breast Health Advocate, Dies at 75
The New York Times 07-05-2023
One of the world’s most visible public faces in the war on breast cancer, she helped reshape both the doctor’s role and the patient’s. … She finished her bachelor’s degree at Fordham University, earned an M.D. from the Downstate College of Medicine of the State University of New York in 1974 and did her surgical residency at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

Robert Sherman, WQXR Host of Classical and Folk Music Shows, Dies at 90|
The New York Times 07-05-2023
The show was called “Woody’s Children,” after a reference by Mr. Seeger, on the first episode, to the singer-songwriters who followed Woody Guthrie. WQXR canceled the program in 1999, saying it no longer fit the station’s format. But it was picked up by the Fordham University station WFUV, where it ran until earlier this year.

Alex Gress, former 43North president and Life Storage executive, dies while competing in triathlon
Buffalo News 07-11-2023
Mr. Gress was born in Monroe, La., and grew up in East Amherst, graduating from Canisius High School. He earned a CPA after graduating from Fordham University, and then held jobs with different banks in New York City and London, including CIBC and JPMorgan.

Rita Reif, Antiques and Auctions Columnist, Dies at 94
The New York Times 06-25-2023
She worked at The Times for decades, and she made news herself when she challenged ownership of a painting thought to have been looted by the Nazis. … She put herself through Fordham University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in 1950, and then earned her master’s degree the next year.

Jay FitzGerald, legendary publisher of Golf Digest, dies at 84
Golf Digest 06-26-2023
He attended Fordham University and played sports there, then enrolled at Albany Law School. … His competitiveness at golf—and landing advertising accounts–was likened by Golf Digest’s founder, Bill Davis, to that of another Fordham alumnus, Vince Lombardi.


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