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People Notes: January 2018


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Robin Andersen, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES,
professor of communication and media studies, had her book “HBO’s Treme and the Stories of the Storm” published.

Keith R. Cruise, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES,
associate professor of psychology, co-authored A Study of the Impact of Screening for Poly-Victimization in Juvenile Justice: The Rocky Road to a Successful Investigation in the Real World.

Christina Greer, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES,
associate professor of political science, was named the 2018 McSilver Fellow In Residence at The McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at New York University Silver School of Social Work.

Michael E. Lee, Ph.D., ARTS AND SCIENCES,
associate professor of theology, published a chapter on Gustavo Gutiérrez in Christian Theologies of Salvation: A Comparative Introduction.

visiting professor of history, was a panelist at the CUNY Public History Collective’s Second Annual Conference, “It’s Not What You Think: Challenging Assumptions Through Public History.” He lectured on “Confronting the Popular Image of the Prisoner: The Sing Sing Prison Museum.”

David Rufo, Ph.D., GSE
clinical assistant professor had the article, Math Hater, How One Child Overcame Her Math Anxiety Through Self-Administered Art Therapy, published in the journal Art Education.


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