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Faculty Experts

Bob Howe
Assistant Vice President for Communications & Special Adviser to the President
(212) 636-6538

Rachel Roman
Assistant Director of Social Media
(212) 636-7013 or

Gina Vergel
Senior Director of Communications
(212) 636-6534

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In the News

Tears and Memories at Mass for Nicholas Booker

He loved brown sugar-cinnamon Pop-Tarts, colorful clothes, and rap music. He was a Missouri native who had just a month ago found a new life in New York City. He was a first-year student at Fordham College at Rose Hill with a promising future. He was Nicholas “Nick” Jabari Booker. On Sept. 27, Booker died

Media Technology and the Dissemination of Hate

From chat rooms fostering hate speech to racist memes, there has been a notable uptick in anti-Semitic bullying online. Just this past June, the Council on Foreign Relations concluded that online hate speech has led to real-world violence. Now, an exhibit at the Walsh Library reveals that while the technology may be new, the abuse