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Continuing Education: Supporting Patients and Families Through the Dying Process

Tuesday, February 8
12 – 4 p.m.

Familiarizing ourselves with how to help people who are dying and those around them increases in importance as our population ages and the country experiences health threats. Supporting our clients facing their own or others’ dying process requires us to have general knowledge about that process; to understand our own reactions to death; and to know how, when, and whether to help. Our ability to empower and comfort our clients around the deaths they are experiencing is strengthened by our knowledge and our own confidence in addressing these topics.

This class will review the symptoms of pre-active and active dying and how to help the family at the bedside manage these. We’ll consider what people who are dying want and fear, and how these concerns may change over the course of their dying. We’ll explore how decision-making and communication affect the patient’s death experience, including considering how hope and a poor prognosis interact. Participants will be invited to share their personal and professional introductions to death. We will also consider our strengths and weaknesses as advocates. Finally, we will practice some easy exercises to help ourselves remain grounded despite the whirlwind of emotions around us.

Continuing Education Hours Offered: 4


This event is open to alumni, faculty/staff, parents, students, and the public.