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PCS Gears New Course to Veterans


The School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) has introduced a new one-credit course geared toward veterans, though anyone is welcome to enroll. The course prepares students for careers in corporate America through classroom instruction, mock interviews, and networking events—with the ultimate goal of landing students in corporate internships.

The course is organized by Michael Abrams, CEO of Fourblock, a military transition nonprofit organization that has worked with New York University, City University of New York, Columbia, and Fordham. Abrams said the program targets sophomores and juniors who are considering careers in the private sector.

“Whether you are in the military or not, it’s a matter of becoming familiar with the corporate language,” said Abrams. “We bring in executives from a range of industries and they teach students executive presence and best practices for the interview process.”

Abrams said the wide range of industries helps vets translate their skills into a new career path. He compared the program to a Reserve Officers Training Corps program that is hosted by the school, though the outcome at PCS is geared toward the more rank-and-file office environment. He added that in many ways a veteran’s background lends itself to climbing the corporate ladder.

“It’s arguable that vets will have better skills that communicate into the corporate world,” he said. “They already have the discipline and the teamwork, plus they already possess the soft skills that their peers might take a lot longer to develop, such as the responsibility and authority gained [from service]at a much younger age.”


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