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Opus Winners, Up Close and Personal


Last night’s Opus Prize co-recipients, Beatrice Chipeta, R.S., director of the Lusubilo Orphan Care Project in Malawi, Africa, and John Halligan, S.J., founder of the Working Boys’ Center (WBC) in Quito, Ecuador, have touched so many lives that words alone cannot do their work justice. Our own Office of Marketing and Communications officer Michael Foley shot more than 40 hours of video of the two humanitarians doing what they do, day in and day out, to empower the poor in the countries where they reside.

The footage has been reduced to two eight-minute clips, which premiered last night at the Opus Awards ceremony at Rose Hill. First, Father Halligan in Quito:

And Sister Chipeta in Karonga, Malawi.

The unmistakable voice is Fordham’s own William F. Baker, Ph.D., the Claudio Aquaviva Chair and Journalist in Residence and president emeritus of WNET.

—Janet Sassi


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