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Law School Exchange to Send Students to South Korea


Fordham University Law School and Sungkyunkwan University School of Law (SKKU) in Seoul, South Korea, have entered into a student-exchange agreement that will allow up to four Fordham law students to spend the fall or spring semester at the Korean university.

The exchange program, which is currently offered as a summer institute, will bring together American and Korean students with those from several other countries. As part of the program, Fordham law students will develop Korean-language skills while learning about the country’s legal system.

“Fordham Law’s ongoing and developing relationship with SKKU gives Fordham Law students access to one of Korea’s finest law faculties and the exchange programs help U.S. students to develop contacts in and knowledge of one of Asia’s most important global economies,” said Thomas H. Lee, associate professor of law at Fordham who created the program in 2006 and serves as its director.

American students in the program will be eligible to apply for internships at South Korean companies, law firms and government agencies. After only two years in operation, the Fordham-SKKU Summer Institute of International Law has become the second largest summer study abroad program run by any U.S. law school. In its first year, the summer institute enrolled more than 120 students from six countries.

The SKKU exchange is one of many international programs at the Law School. “This new student exchange arrangement is a perfect complement to Fordham Law’s Summer Institute of International Law at SKKU,” said Toni M. Fine, assistant dean for international and non-J.D. programs


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