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GSE Team Leads New Project to Provide Mental Health Telehealth Services to Underserved Children and Youth


“Mental health challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and further intensified by the racial injustice and economic inequality in the United States,” said GSE professor of counseling psychology Eric C. Chen, Ph.D., who coordinates the GSE’s Mental Health Counseling Program.

Chen will work to alleviate some of this injustice and inequality by serving as the inaugural project director for Clinical Mental Health Services in the Bronx Community (CCMH), an initiative being funded by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation for 2021.

The new CCMH project aims to provide free telehealth mental health services for specifically Black, Latino and immigrant children and youth in the Bronx, a group that have been hit the especially hard amid the pandemic due to co-occurring financial and racial issues.  The generous funding from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation (more than $20,000 each over 12 months) will allow the five selectively chosen Division of Psychological and Educational Services graduate assistants pictured above to serve these individuals:

Read the full story in Fordham GSE News.


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