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Adult Education Professor Named Leader in Field


Kathleen P. King, Ed. D., director of Fordham University’s RETC: Center for Professional Development, has been featured as one of 50 adult educators leading the field in social change, theory and research inNorth American Adult Educators: Phyllis M. Cunningham Archive of Quintessential Autobiographies for the 21st Century (Discovery Association Publishing House, 2006).

The book, published in December, includes autobiographies of 50 acclaimed adult educators, who chronicle their visionary work and accomplishments in the field of adult education.

King has been on the Fordham faculty since 1997. At RETC, she oversees projects designed to provide professional development in educational technology to educators. In 2005-2006, the center reached more than 3,000 learners through local programs and over 100,000 through distance learning.

In August 2005, King and Mark Gura, coordinator of outreach programs at RETC, created Techpod, a weekly educational technology professional development podcast for educators, which has drawn some 450,000 listeners.


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