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What Now? Advice for the Future from a Fordham Jesuit


Daniel Sullivan, S.J., FCRH ’50, professor emeritus of biology, first set foot on the Rose Hill campus as an undergraduate in 1946. In the course of a career spanning five decades, he earned a Ph.D. in entomology at the University of California, Berkeley, and traveled to nearly every continent on the planet to conduct research on invasive species, particularly insects.

Fordham News caught up with Father Sullivan for a podcast from his Jesuit residence on the Rose Hill campus. He touched on the ways his faith complemented his research, what it takes to make it in science today, and the importance of setting and sticking to the right priorities.

He also had a bit of advice for graduates about the people they’ll meet along their way.

“I tell my students that really great scholars in this world are not going to give you a hard time. It’s the second raters that do that,” he said.


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