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University Takes Alpha Sigma Nu National Honors


On May 1, the head of Alpha Sigma Nu visited the office of Joseph M. McShane, SJ, president of Fordham, to present Fordham with the Annual Chapter of the Year Award on behalf of the national organization. It is the first time Fordham has received the honor and the second time the award has been bestowed.

Kate Gaertner, executive director of Alpha Sigma Nu, presented the award to senior Rachel Mae Aguilar, the 2014-15 president of the Fordham chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu, and junior Jeremy Fague, the chapter’s incoming 2015-16 president.

Alpha Sigma Nu honors students who distinguish themselves in scholarship, service to others, and loyalty to the ideals of a Jesuit education. Fordham’s chapter has 129 members who were inducted on April 9, and thousands of Fordham alumni members as well.



From L to R, Gianna Sciangula, secretary for Lincoln Center campus 2014-15 Michael Chareboneau, vice-president 2014-15 Peter Coffman, member, Elizabeth Stevenson, secretary for Rose Hill campus 2014-15, Stephen Freedman, PhD, University provost Rachel Mae Aguilar, president 2014-15, Kate Gaertner, executive director of Alpha Sigma Nu, Jeremy Fague, president 2015-16 Michael Braden, SJ, faculty advisor to St. Peter’s College Chapter of ASN, Rosemary DeJulio, PhD, faculty advisor, Fordham chapter of ASN, Joseph M. McShane, SJ, president, Fordham University, Kirstin Tamucci, vice president 2015-16, Rose Hill campus, Jacob Azrilyant, vice president 2015-16, Lincoln Center campus, and Chelsea Landman, secretary 2015-16 (Photo by Chris Taggart)





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