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Little-Known Fordham Tradition Kicks Off Commencement Week


Fr. Dzieglewicz, Paramach, and Birone at the annual meetup.

It all started about thirteen years ago when the crew from Facilities Management were hanging the banners from Keating Hall for commencement. As their cherry picker passed by the third floor office window of Robert Parmach, Ph.D., assistant dean for freshmen, they spotted a bowl of candy.

“We popped open the window and grabbed the candy,” said Victor Birone, the carpentry shop foreman.

Thus began an annual tradition that unofficially kicks off commencement week, but officially launches the celebratory mood of the week. Every year since, John Dzieglewicz, S.J., joined Parmach in leaving sweets within arms reach of the cherry picker.

“Now they just load up the window for us,” said Birone.

Mike Raucci made off with a box of cereal, while Jimmy Sanchez took home beef jerky.

Banner up!

The hand-off.


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