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Pricing Conference to Examine Consumer Behavior


The Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA) will host a conference on pricing that will delve into the behavior of shoppers and the latest research on consumers on Sept. 28 and 29in the 12th-Floor Lounge at the Lowenstein Center on Lincoln Center campus.

The conference, hosted by the Fordham University Pricing Center, will focus on research related to the various aspects of pricing goods and services, and will seek to provide insights into how sellers should set prices, present prices and determine price demand curves.

Hooman Estelami, Ph.D.

“Shopping is such a big part of our lives, it is not surprising that studying it can help us see ourselves more clearly,” said Hooman Estelami, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing at the Fordham Schools of Business and co-organizer of the conference. “Because price is at the cutting edge of shopping, we are seeing more and more great pricing research. Our conference will showcase this work and promises to be an exciting event.”

The conference will also honor the contributions to the field of Robert Schindler, Ph.D., professor of marketing at the Rutgers University School of Business. Schindler, an expert in consumer behavior, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in Pricing Research and present a paper on “What Prices Reveal About the Mind.”

The Fordham University Pricing Center is dedicated to developing a better understanding of prices and pricing. The center conducts research and seminars for practitioners and advocates for pricing education in business school curricula.


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