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Herman Cain, “Still on a Mission,” Speaks to Fordham Law Students


With the GOP presidential nomination still up for grabs, many Republicans are offering their advice on what the party needs to do to defeat President Obama at the polls in November. One of those voicing his opinion is former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who spoke at Fordham Law on April 10 in McNally Amphitheatre. His talk was sponsored by the School’s Federalist Society chapter and the Fordham Law Republicans.

Before a crowd of more than 100, Cain explained his continued presence on the national stage. “I’m still on a mission to help change the direction of this country,” he said.

Describing the GDP as “anemic” and the unemployment rate as “not good news,” Cain argued that the policies of the current administration were unfriendly to free enterprise. “Small business is not growing. We can blame the ‘-ations’: legislation, regulation, and taxation.”

Cain warned that if the government doesn’t curb its spending and reduce the national debt, the country could “go into total financial collapse and bankruptcy.”
He referred to the European debt crisis while poking fun at Obama’s popular 2008 campaign slogan: “For those people who are in denial that we can’t become a Greece—Yes we can.”

To win the presidential election, the GOP nominee, according to Cain, must enumerate where Obama’s policies went wrong and make a clear distinction of what he would do to right them. Cain also insisted that the nominee close what he described as the “enthusiasm gap.” He conceded that Obama is very likable and says the GOP nominee must “garner bold ideas that will connect with voters.” He went on to name five specific voter groups of particular importance to the GOP: the base, independents and moderates, people of faith, youth, and “disgruntled Democrats.”

Cain spoke about his belief in rewriting the future history of the United States and encouraged his listeners to join him by following three steps: staying informed, involved, and inspired.

“What’s great about this country is that you are not dream-limited, if you are willing to work for it,” Cain concluded.

His talk was followed by a question and answer session that included discussion of the proposed tax plans of the presidential nominees as well as the causes of increased fuel prices. Cain was introduced by Fox News contributor T.J. McCormack.


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