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Gabelli School of Business Ranks Top 25 Nationally in Six Areas


The Gabelli School ranks in the top 25 nationwide in six of 14 business disciplines, according to a list released yesterday by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The six areas are as follows:

  • International business: 7 
  • Marketing: 11
  • Corporate strategy: 16 
  • Finance: 17 
  • Sustainability: 22
  • Entrepreneurship: 25 

These “specialty rankings,” as they are known, are based on the same methodology that Businessweek used to rank the Gabelli School No. 40 overall this past spring.

Dean Donna Rapaccioli congratulated the area chairs and business faculty who do so much to develop these programs, ensuring that they remain innovative, rigorous and tailored to the needs of today’s graduates.

“The undergraduate program really has grown in these disciplines,” she said. She pointed out how some align with the Gabelli School’s overarching mission. International business represents the school’s commitment to a global education; sustainability reflects the Jesuit ideal of business conducted to advance our society and our planet; and entrepreneurship is in sync with the emphasis on creative thought and problem-solving that characterizes all Gabelli School courses.


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