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Fordham EMBA Students Dazzle on the Court


First it was Jazz. Now add basketball to the exciting way Fordham University’s Executive MBA program trains its top executives.

While in China for the traditional Capstone residential trip to Beijing, the graduating cohort played the Tsinghua University “All Stars” in a full-court basketball game.

Although the average age of the Fordham EMBA students was 33 compared to the average age of 22 for the Tsinghua University squad, Fordham emerged victorious, winning 63 to 62 in front of a crowd of about 200 spectators.

“The purpose of the game was to serve as a cultural experience in how the sport of basketball can be used as a universal communicator and bonding tool,” said Francis Petit, Ed.D., assistant dean and director of executive programs at the Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA). “This new initiative of a basketball game will be part of future EMBA residentials.”

The Executive MBA (EMBA), Fordham’s executive-style MBA program, is housed at Fordham’s GBA. It is designed for business professionals and managers on the fast track toward challenging managerial and global assignments.


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