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Beijing MBA Program Tops Magazine Ranking


The Chinese edition of Forbes magazine has ranked Fordham University’s Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) Program as one of the “most valuable” business degree programs in that country. For the third consecutive year, the magazine selected BiMBA’s part-time MBA program as the most valuable in terms of return on investment and rated its fulltime MBA program as second most valuable among its peer institutions.

The magazine’s annual survey of Chinese business schools, which it published in the spring, found that fulltime MBA graduates needed 2.7 years on average to recover the investment they made in getting their degrees. Part-time MBA graduates needed even less time to recoup their investment—their return took only 1.5 years on average. Before enrolling in the MBA programs, only 19 percent of the students were high-level managers. One year after they graduated, the number had jumped to 28 percent and the magazine found that after four years, the figure had climbed to 47 percent. In all, 10 fulltime and 15 part-time MBA programs were selected at the top of the Forbes list.

The BiMBA program, founded in 1998, was the first foreign MBA degree program in Beijing to be approved by the Chinese government. Fordham is the degree-granting institution in a consortium of 26 American Jesuit business schools that provide the program’s faculty.


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