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Weather-Related Class Cancellation and University Closing Procedures


Fordham University has established procedures to be followed in the event that weather conditions require classes to be delayed or cancelled, or the University to be closed.

In the event of adverse weather, a toll-free number (1-800-280-SNOW) and a local number (1-212-636-7777) will both provide timely information concerning the delay or cancellation of classes, and the closing of the University or one of its campuses. Announcements will also be made on WFUV (90.7 FM or at 15-minute intervals.

If no announcements are made, the University will operate according to its regular calendar and schedule. Cancellation of classes does not mean that the University is closed; accordingly, facilities operations, custodial and security staffs are not automatically dismissed under such circumstances.

All weather-related decisions will be made by the vice president for administration, the assistant vice president for facilities management at Lincoln Center and the director of facilities management at Tarrytown.


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