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Gallery: Ailey/Fordham Dancers Move in Metaphors


On April 18, students in the Ailey/Fordham BFA dance program dazzled supporters with their varied displays of movement fused with passion.

For their annual benefit concert, students performed a series of new pieces from renown choreographers, such as Nicholas Villeneuve (“The Soul’s Canvas”), Natalie Lomonte (“Common Heart”), and Andre Tyson (“Raison d’etre”). The concert, held at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in Manhattan, attracted more than 100 guests.

Whether dancing solo, creating a unified expression, or building the illusion of two-bodies-as-one, each dancer’s personal element of feeling helped create moving metaphors of the choreographers’ poetic visions. As always, the theater audience recognized the 75 student dancers with enthusiastic applause.

(Photos by Christopher Duggan)


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