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Erin Flynn, FCRH ’20: Body of Ice, Feet of Fire

Meet Erin Flynn: a senior at Fordham College at Rose Hill and an Irish step dancer since she was four years old.

In this video, she dances her way across campus, from Keating Hall to the University Church to Jack Coffey Field, in two types of shoes. She narrates her lifelong journey in step dancing and how she found her “family” at Fordham. This summer, Flynn plans on flying to Dublin to audition for Riverdance, a touring theatrical show that travels across the world. 

“I’m Irish, and my entire family is, too, so I always grew up with the music,” Flynn said. “Just the violins and the flute … and feeling the heat of the lights on stage … being in that moment and doing something that’s a little different than any other kinds of dance, that feeling in particular is what I love so much about it.”


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